Party Favors: Wait What

Don’t stay together just so your kids can have Jesus. -DoubleX

Mississippi one step closer to being first “abortion-free” state. -Feministing

Understanding the CAFE fuel efficiency standards for new cars. -Money Crashers

“My Boyfriend Proposed By Putting The Ring In The Toilet” -The Frisky

Waiter refuses to serve asshole who mocked a kid with Down Syndrome. -The Stir

Disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno gets a biopic. -BlackBook

Notre Dame only protects “victims” if they’re football stars. -Jezebel

The latest in celebrity baby “trends.” -HuffPost Women

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult broke up. -Divine Caroline

Blue Ivy, according to Etsy. -The Hairpin

Britney Spears called off her engagement. -YourTango

The allure of the nylon slip. -Collectors Weekly

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