Crystal Renn Models Sexy Lingerie In A Gas Station

Crystal Renn lingerie

First of all, let’s give a big high five to Agent Provocateur for casting Crystal Renn in their latest campaign. Though Renn may seem tiny, she does exist in the strange, seemingly empty world between “straight” and “plus” size models–which is to say, her presence still represents positive change in an industry that desperately needs it. Also, she is super hot.

…However, we’re not entirely sure she’s pulling this off. We’re not sure anyone could. Renn models the brand’s Spring 2013 collection, called On the Road (hopefully not an allusion to what it’s surely an allusion to). The shots were taken by Purple editor, John Galliano apologist and all around great guy Olivier Zahm.

Then again, cars are still big, right? There was that Prada campaign and the slew of editorials it inspired? And the On the Road movie (which will also have some sexy and/or naked stuff!). So maybe Crystal Renn and Agent Provocateur are just achingly on trend?

Here’s some more shots:




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    • Candace

      Boo photoshop! What is up with her body in that second picture?

    • kj


      And that outfit in the top photo is hideous.

    • JennyWren

      I don’t really mind what size Renn is, because she is gorgeous whatever. Though it was probably more interesting when she was truly plus-sized, not “just a bit too big to be straight sized, still way skinny.” But maybe that’s where modelling needs to go? Everyone at every size, not being separated out into different categories that don’t mean much anyway.