Kate Moss Gets Her Fashion Nude On In The S/S ’13 Issue Of LOVE Magazine (NSFW)

kate1Will Kate Moss ever get tired of posing for fashion n00dz, and will people ever get tired of looking at said n00dz? Doubtful! In the spring/summer issue of LOVE Magazine, Kate the Great gets her norks out for fashion photographer Tim Walker, and there is much rejoicing. There are flowers, nipples, hats, lace, and a whole bunch of other things Courtney Love probably has on her Pinterest board. There are also some sensual, hand-written quotes from Angela Carter‘s The Magic Toyshop, a 1967 British novel about a young woman’s discovery of her sexuality, because why be merely prurient when you can be literarily prurient? Happy leering.

(Via Tarsha’s Glossy Newsstand)

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    • Candace

      Oh absolutely read Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Better than it sounds, indeed makes me want to arrange flowers in my pussy