What I Learned From Starting My Own Handbag Line

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    • http://SommelierinSneakers.blogspot.com/ SomminSneakers

      :) thanks for the tips- you know I’ll need them for my opening!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Anytime! I just wish I had pursued it longer… and had photos to share, but they’re all in NYC. xo.

    • Tania

      The files thing: that. Oh, man, so much that. My mom’s been doing her brother’s taxes for years, and she’s been frustrated with him for about as long, and I helped them with some data entry/billing the other weekend, and oh my god, I understand why now. He’s got things all over the place! He tracks his hours in a little paper notebook, in spite of having more computers than any person needs. His receipts are just stuck in a pile and given to my mom.

      Be organised! Or your accountant will hate you, and everything you do related to money and billing will take way longer than it has to.

      And I can’t believe your business class assigned a paper about how you’d make a good business owner. That’s about the silliest topic I could imagine, I think all my business/management teachers would die of embarrassment at assigning something like that.