Check Out These Striking Portraits Of American Girls With Their American Girl Dolls

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    • anna

      i now want to submit pictures of younger me with my american girl dolls…

      • anna

        or me now. i’m sure they’re still in my moms closet

    • kj


      It’s because I’m Canadian, isn’t it?!

      • Nat

        I haven’t been able to see any of the slideshows here for the past while.

        I’m Canadian too :(

      • jamiepeck

        What browser are you guys using? I will tell tech about this.

      • Safari

        Firefox (and American) here, only the first pic loaded for me – while you’re at it, is there anything that can be done about how the page scrolls up to the very top every time you click next on a slideshow? The routine of “click next, scroll down to see the picture, click next again, scroll again” has me abandoning most of your slideshows a few pics in.

    • Silent Agony

      sick of looking at pic of rich little kids