Red Carpet Rundown: The 2013 SAG Awards Red Carpet

SAG Awards red carpet

The Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards if you’re nasty) are nigh. If you like actors congratulating actors for overcoming a bunch of stuff and being actors, then the SAG Awards are for you. And we, The Gloss, are bringing you the red carpet looks in real time(-ish).

As we did with the Golden Globes, we’ll be updating this post with all the pretty, pretty dresses (and hopefully lots of ugly ones) over the next couple hours.

And where to begin but with…

Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O’Dell will outlive us all. She’ll be doing red carpet coverage in 3024, as a head in a jar.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

The same fate will follow for Giuliana Rancic, only there will be another dozen reality shows in it for her, too. We’re not crazy about the dress but it’s a nice color on her, btw.

Kelly Osbourne SAG awardsFor someone who hates on peoples’ outfits professionally, Kelly Osbourne sure got duped into an ugly dress.

Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson‘s dress, ultimately, doesn’t work. But it does do something slightly more interesting than a lot of the other dresses will.

Jaimie Alexander

Wikipedia tells me Jaimie Alexander is best known for being on Kyle XY. We find her dress extremely banal.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

This is Suzanne Goin, she’s a famous-LA based chef and we’re guessing she cooked for the ceremony (unless she got lost with a handful of pork tenderloin and/or is so high right now). She’s exempt from red carpet criticism because she’s wearing a damn apron, but we bring it up because we got her book a few years ago and it’s really great.

[Ed. Note: Ugh... these photos sure are coming in slow.]

Teyonah Parris  SAG Awards

Teyonah Parris‘ purple thing is 100% pure Wisconsin cheddar.

Jayma Mays GLEE SAG Awards

Jayma Mays‘ dress is unfortunate; that horizontal line widens her lower half while the neckline narrows her shoulders. Could be very pretty if tweaked, though, yes? We like the appliqués along the hem.

Busy Philipps  SAG Awards

We are none too pleased with the Red Carpet Pompadour that’s been everywhere lately and we’re also no fan of the statement necklace. That said, Busy Philipps looks fantastic; plus, she’s a champ for even bothering, what with being about to pop and all.

Eddie Redmayne SAG Awards

Eddie Redmayne has one expression: smolder.

Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden brought the cheese too. Also, are studs on evening gowns going to be this year’s most annoying red carpet trend?

Guess it’s better than studded peplums.

Morena Baccarin SAG Awards red carpet

Morena Baccarin dressed as a goddamn peacock. Also, it’s an unusual improvement over her pre-party look.

Sally Field

Sally Field wore purple. Lot of frilly details tonight.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red CarpetHilaria Thomas has established herself as a reliably tasteful red carpet sidekick to husband Alec Baldwin. The red is more flashy than usual for her.

Jenna Fischer SAG Awards red carpet fashon

We’re 50/50 on Jenna Fischer‘s abstract sparkly dress.

Michelle Dockery sexy black dress SAG Awards fashion

Okay, we’ll bite: we think Michelle Dockery‘s black column is super sexy without being over-the-top.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Idina Menzel in red(s). It’s like they didn’t know what to do with a very unremarkable dress, so they just tossed in some different color panels.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington, we both know you can do better. We all know it.

Kiernan Shipka

We try to avoid including people under 18 in red carpet coverage, but 1) Kiernan Shipka looks less like a kid every time we see her and 2) this is so cute.

Jessica Chastain  SAG Awards red dress

Noooooo! A lackluster showing from the usually terrifically gorgeous and stylish Jessica Chastain.

Elisabeth Moss  SAG Awards

Elisabeth Moss opted for something fresher and younger than a lot of other attendees but she looks pretty great! Also, her beauty team deserves a high five.

Amy Poehler  SAG Awards red carpet fashion

Amy Poehler‘s recent hard turn into bombshell territory sure has been fun.

Julia Stiles SAG Awards red carpet

Julia Stiles unexpectedly went Old Hollywood. We appreciate that she kept jewelry so minimal.

Naomi Watts SAG Awards dress red carpet

Naomi Watts did much the same thing, minimal accessories and all. She sells it a little more naturally.

Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards

Who’d have guessed Jennifer Lawrence was seriously ill with pneumonia? Also, could she wear dark blue more often? Please?

Nina Dobrev SAG Awards

People love Nina Dobrev. We don’t because she looks like she’s trying so goddamn hard all the time. But we do appreciate that everyone else is in black or jewel tones, so this is, at least, a real stand out color.

Freida Pinto SAG Awards

And then Freida Pinto had to go and wear something pinker.

Julianna Margulies  SAG Awards

Oh, Julianna Margulies.

Tina Fey SAG Awards

 Tina Fey looks foxy.

Mayim Bialik SAG Awards

Mayim Bialik‘s dress is really… really blue.

Vincent Kartheiser (L) and Alexis Bledel SAG Awards

Stylists of Hollywood: please stop topping everything off with a statement necklace when you don’t know what else to do.

Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel.

Jane Krakowski SAG Awards


This feels a little too Jenna Maroney for us, Jane Krakowski.

Marion Cotillard SAG Awards


Into it! Also, in the hair and beauty department, Marion Cotillard has seldom looked better.

Amanda Seyfried SAG Awards

If Amanda Seyfried‘s look had to fight Jennifer Lawrence’s, I think Lawrence’s would win.

January Jones

A striking, unusual look from January Jones, absolutely ruined by that ridiculous pompadour.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Rose Byrne‘s dress is wearing her in a big way.

Julie Bowen SAG Awards

Julie Bowen wore a leather dress. This red carpet is all over the place.

Julianne Moore SAG Awards red carpet


Jenna Elfman SAG Awards

Dislike the sheerness of Jenna Elfman‘s dress, do like the cut. And her shoes.

Nicole Kidman SAG Awards

Nicole Kidman also opted for sheer.

Lot of underwear on the red carpet tonight. Underwear and jewel tones.

Jennifer Garner

We’re not fond of gold dresses and we never will be, but how beautiful does Jennifer Garner look? That hair! That skin!

Jessica Pare

Weird hair has also dominated the SAG Awards red carpet. Here, on Mad Men‘s Jessica Pare.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsKaley Cuoco‘s hair might be the worst of the night, though.

Kaley Cuoco


Ellie Kemper Ellie Kemper‘s ethereal mint dress is tarnished by that silly hip sash.

Jordin SparksJordin Sparks adds another to the dark blue dress pile.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway looks nice.

Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver opts for black like fifty percent of the night’s attendees.

Lea Michele

God, Lea Michele. Just stop.

Claire Danes  SAG AwardsUnsure about Claire Danes‘ graphic one-shouldered gown. Weirdly, though, we think she’s making a pretty strong case for goth lips.

Viola Davis Viola Davis wears one of the night’s most striking colors, in a Grecian-style gown and… probably the wrong shade of foundation.

Sarah Hyland

All the stylists got together and agreed; a collusion of jeweltones. Here, on Sarah Hyland.

Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara wears only one dress in different colors–but it’s because she looks so hot in it.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsCarmen Electra. Why not?

Clea DuVall Haven’t seen Clea DuVall in a while! She looks pretty–she is also styled a lot like Zooey Deschanel?

Jane Lynch SAG Awards

Jane Lynch, in something a little sexier than we’re used to seeing on her.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Cee

      I like Nina Dobrev. I don’t know why, Ive never seen any of her stuff or read anything about her. Probably on a superficial hot-girl-I-wanna-make-out-with. I think she dresses nice. She brings on the cheese, but being girly and young (yes I am!), I would do the same had I had the money.

      Marion! Oh Marion. She just seems to know how to dress!
      Some of the ladies here seem to be, ahem…wearing dresses that are a little to tight for them?
      Also, also, also….is that Kaley’s real hair? It looks like she can play Britney Spears in the movie of her life.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I think the Dobrev explanation makes sense.

        I really, really like Marion’s dress. But I love blue.

        And Kaley Cuoco’s hair is… unfathomable.

      • Cee

        Yea..that hair!..On the hair subject, the lower portion of Lea Michelle’s hair looks fried and in need of dye, that ombre is not good!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Some part of Lea Michele always looks fried.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Some part of Lea Michele always looks fried.

    • APS

      Oh dear, where to start! First of all, who are half of these people and does anyone care about the SAGs? i love sigourney weaver, but she should have opted for a bra! Any what gives with Jane Lynch… seriously, that’s just wrong. Hollywood should stage a strike, against stylists that think they are all that and especially the hair stylists… it’s like hiring a really bad decorator and getting a feature in Arch Digest… it’s just about then… I would give anything for a red carpet where not one stylists, jewelry, hair stylist or make up artist was involved… could they do it?

      • Cee

        Well, its the screen actors guild those people are actors. You care enough to comment on something related to the SAGs, so I’m guessing at least people care for the fashion aspect, and aside from the studded top part of the dress, I have never been more attracted to Jane Lynch than I am now, and its making me uncomfortable…yet comfortable?

    • Jolene 졸린 McConnell

      I have to say that I appreciate that designers seem to be attempting to bring back sleeves. Not always doing it well, but at least they’re trying.

      A lot of those dresses, most especially Sally Fields, would have been helped with a pair of scissors. Several of those not-so-great dresses would have looked fantastic if they stopped just above the knee. I usually love a good floor length, but if the cut isn’t there, to support it, shorter can help.

      My favorite look goes to Kiernan Shipka for being pretty, not boring, feminine, and age-appropriate.

    • Gemma Skipper

      Aside from the oooooo’s and ARGHHHs, half way through I started looking at the ppl in the background – some cute dresses back there but so funny that its jarringly casual

      • Cee

        Did you notice the BREASTS behind Claire Danes?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Sweet God in Heaven!

    • Georgette

      “For someone who hates on peoples’ outfits professionally, Kelly Osbourne sure got duped into an ugly dress.” I sincerely snorted my coffee over that line.

      I agree completely about Kaley Cuoco’s hair. When I was watching last night, I couldn’t stop shaking my fist at the screen. I want her to succeed so much, but this is…no, just no.

    • alexandra

      I barely even have a comment, you’re so right about everything.

      I am sold on Claire Danes here. Sold. Hair, dress, lips, all.
      Anne Hathaway could have done better.
      Sigourney Weaver’s tailor could have done better– I like the dress but not the fabric.
      Oh and Jessica Pare… clamshell boobs on purpose? Anyone else thinking Little Mermaid?
      I think I would have liked Jenna Fischer’s dress better with more serious hair.

      I am voting Eddie Redmayne’s suit off the island. I would have preferred if he showed up in his Les Mis costume. No.