The Hierarchy Of Fast Food Restaurants

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    • Eileen

      One of my sister’s best friends as a kid had a mom who worked for McDonald’s corporate. When she took the job, they made her spend her first two weeks behind the counter under the idea that everyone who works for the company should experience what it’s like to be on the front lines. That was, like, fifteen years ago, but it always kind of gave me a good impression of McDonald’s. Not that it will ever compare to Burger King, which I still love. Also, Subway is the worst. I have never eaten at Subway and not been disappointed.

    • Jessie

      Fast Food has always and will always be the guiltiest of pleasures for me. I just can’t quit it. Breakfast from Mcdonald’s and anything from Wendy’s (though 9 times out of 10 I’ll go spicy chicken sandwich) are pretty much my kryptonite. The hours after are spent like any hangover – swearing off the juice forever. But I always wind up back there, eventually.

    • Cee

      Meh fast food is usually not meant to be the paragon of health. While I do enjoy Chipotle every now and then (their rice, guac and pico de gallo are good but their steak is rough and chewy, carne asada please!), good, greasy, cheap and regrettably fatyt is what I aim for when I go to a fast food place. But, even on my healthiest attempts at fast food, I (half brown, half white rice at Chipotle), I REFUSE to go to Subway. It is so gross, the smell is gross and the sandwiches have no flavor! They all taste like peppery pickles with some yet to be determined cold meat and that is NOT cheese!
      Also, the ONE item I like at BK is that long classic chicken sandwich with fries inside of it (yes, I am a fatty).

    • CMJ

      Would it KILL Subway to give me one more triangle of cheese?

      • Cee

        That’s not real cheese! It all tastes the same!

      • CMJ

        Oh, I know. I don’t actually eat Subway. I will even go so far as to say I hate Subway. It’s all bread and not enough stuff…there’s only so much shredded lettuce you can throw on a sandwich.

      • Elizabeth

        The thing that boggles my mind most about Subway is that allegedly all the different kinds of meat are made from turkey?

      • stephanie


        now i have yet another reason to dislike and distrust subway.

    • Candace

      This hierarchy becomes reversed with you smoke pot.

    • Lauren Lever

      I have never eaten at potbelly before, there is one in Austin, will have to check it out!

    • MR

      Not in, thankfully. I buy something at Wendy’s about once every two months. Not a bad hamburger when you don’t eat a lot of red meat.

    • Amy

      Jennifer. What are you thinking, leaving Wendy’s out of this slide show? Their Chicken Nuggets (spicy or regular) are among my greatest delights. My brother and I have fantasized about being brand ambassadors for Wendy’s. I have actually had a staff person come over to my table at a particularly phenomenal Wendy’s and ask how everything was.

      Here’s how it should read: Subway < Potbellys (also, if you put Potbellys in there, it kind of begs for a Panera ranking, but I digress) < Wendy's < Chipotle.

    • Nymph1816

      Now I want Wendy’s…