Why You Should Accept A ‘Friend’ Request On Facebook From Your Former Bully

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    • Sariah

      For some reason I can only see the very first picture in a slideshow and then the rest of them are blank. On EVERY slideshow I try on this site.

      • jamiepeck

        What browser are you using?

      • Sariah

        It is Firefox…I guess that’s the problem?

      • Anne

        I have the same problem! In Firefox…

    • Brooke

      Fantastic article, and so freakin true!!

    • Lauren

      I was sent a friend request from my high school bully and I accepted it, which I regretted an hour later. I spent three years of high school getting mocked and sexually harassed by this buffoon, so when he started to like and comment on every other picture I posted, I was not amused. I thought I would get some closure or validation from his stupid friend request, but the fact is that I received alot more pleasure from deleting and blocking his ass. I am petty and pathetic . . and damn proud : )

    • mel

      great job with the article! tumbs up!

    • Ellen W.

      There’s another reason! Sometimes it turns out that they had a really hard time at home and then a really, really horrible HS boyfriend and they grow up into really nice people. That is kind of the unicorn, but it does happen.