What Are Single Ladies On Pinterest Planning For Their Weddings Planning, Specifically?

Recently, The New York Times ran an article about single women planning their weddings. Look. Single women have been doing this since the dawn of time. It’s what a hope chest was for. But The New York Times is excited, because, among other things:

Pinterest, a site where users can create virtual bulletin boards by “pinning” their favorite items, is imbued with wedding-themed boards with titles like “Yeah I’m single and…?;-),” “Someday my prince will come,” and “I want to get married. 2018?” Claudia Hanlin, the founder of the Wedding Library, a boutique location in New York where couples can research vendors, said that one could look at Pinterest “and realize that there are far more people pinning pictures of weddings than there could possibly ever be brides.”

I am going to those boards and seeing what we will be incorporating into our weddings. Here. Here is what is happening.

Pictures via Pinterest

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    • CMJ

      Slide 2 is for “lingerie parties.” Essentially, you go to a bachlorette party (or each separately!!) and it’s also lingerie party so you can buy MORE shit for the bride. The sizes are so you know what to buy them. Yep. It’s a thing.

      • Haily

        That makes me cringe.

    • Grace

      Only 3 out of the 5 members of One Direction have girlfriends!!

    • disqus_XpYoybmtyK

      pretty sure those “logs” are hay.

      • Cori

        You are correct. Hay bales they are, the writer must be a city girl.

      • Cori

        You are correct. Hay bales they are, the writer must be a city girl.

    • Natalie

      Eh, I’m no where near getting married or engaged (nor do I want to be any time soon) and I have a “weddings” board. It isn’t for my wedding specifically, just wedding stuff I think is pretty. Wedding things are very pretty. It’s just true. And they are the best things. Fun dresses, sparkly jewelry, goofy traditions, CAKE, and flowers. These are all things I like. So I like to pin them. It’s relaxing. Let’s not read into it.

    • alexandra

      Didn’t Jen Dziura do a good article on planning for your wedding while you’re single that ran on the Gloss? I feel like this is kind of an extension of that. People need hobbies.

    • Lastango

      Proving once again that it’s the wedding that matters. And when it happens, watzizname standing next to the *~Bride~* will be borderline invisible.

      Just kidding. Sort of. Not too long ago I read somewhere about women having wedding ceremonies performed with no husband and no marriage.

    • thaumata

      Oh, you didn’t know? You are now entitled to have a registry for going to college, getting your first apartment and your wedding. You also get a bachelorette party (sometimes with underwear) and a bachelor party, and if you’re really cheeky, an engagement party, too! Afterwards, don’t forget that when you have babies, you get to have a gender reveal party (seriously, wtf) AND a baby shower for each one. Beyond that though, you’re on your own, and will have to plan all your future tacky theme parties for yourself.