There Is A Blog Dedicated To Crazy Pictures Of Korean Plastic Surgery


South Korea might be the country with the most extreme plastic surgery practices in the world. As chronicled by Vice’s “Fashion Week Internationale” series (among others), procedures to make people appear closer to cultural beauty norms are so commonplace that almost everyone knows someone who’s had their nose or eyelids done. According to some South Korean publications’ surveys, one in five women in Seoul has had some sort of cosmetic procedure. That’s a lot!

Quite troublingly, a lot of common procedures, like the one that makes people’s eyelids more prominent and foldy, are geared towards attaining a Western ideal of beauty. Yet others are geared not towards making people look like boring Caucasians, but like giant eyed, alien, anime characters. The Tumblr Korean Plastic Surgery posts a bunch of “before and after” photos culled from various internet sources; here is a sampling.

Photos: Korean Plastic Surgery

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    • Cee

      Hmm being at work, I can’t access Tumblr. Boo! But I think I’ve seen Korean men having lots of facial surgery too.

      This reminds me of the story of an Asian woman whose husband was suing her because she gave birth to an “ugly” baby that didn’t look like her and it turned out she had gotten all this plastic surgery before she had met him. They say kids don’t lie…who knew itd be in terms of revealing pre op facial features.

    • kj

      I looked at the Tumblr when it was posted on Jezebel, and a lot of the transformations are much more dramatic. Frankly, I don’t judge anyone for wanting plastic surgery – it’s a very personal decision. Sure, society needs to grow the hell up and be kinder to women about their looks, but in the mean time sometimes it’s just easier to fix yourself up……

      • jamiepeck

        Yes, it’s their choice. But when the majority of the women in one country are getting the same plastic surgery, that is not a coincidence, and it’s worth looking at from a systemic perspective. (I do not exempt the USA.)

      • kj

        1 in 5 is not exactly a majority. It’s a staggeringly disproportionate number, but not a majority.

        I read some interesting comments on Jezebel saying that it’s pretty West-centric in itself to assume that POC are getting surgery to look more european, when features such as larger eyes and whiter skin have been historically considered beautiful before western influence was as prominent as it is now.

    • Cori

      There’s no way #2 is the same woman. They have similar eyes, but different eyebrows, hairlines, noses, lips and the earlobes look different too. Two different women there, that one’s a hoax. There may be more, but I haven’t looked that far yet.

      • Asian gal

        Oh it’s the same person..nowadays they do the whole face including changing eyebrow shape, hairline, nose lips even earlobes..don’t be surprised!

      • Cori

        They’d have had to resculpt her entire skull, I don’t believe it.

      • elliot

        It’s the same person, they do indeed shave their skulls.

    • anya

      #10 her nose is different and #7 had much more work done than just er eyes, her whole face shape is different!

    • Vee

      The anime one, #3 (if real) is just so disturbing to me! She looks mostly like a little child, which brings up all kinds of scary thoughts as to why a grown woman would want to permanently look childlike and how she must feel that looking so would be valued socially in some way. Ew.

    • Sarah Pezzat

      What to these women have against jaw bones?

    • Jay

      Generally I think the surgery shown here turned out really well, except number 3 which looks creepy as f*ck, but they all seem to want the same features – wide eyes, pointy chin, cupids bow mouth – if everyone in South Korea had this same surgery it would be really boring.

      • Eileen

        This is generally how I feel about plastic surgery here, too – it’s a trend towards everyone looking the same.

      • Jay

        Very true

    • Evie

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    • mike jenkins

      they changed their looks to lie about their DNA flaws. o well

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    • Elina Mark

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