Chris Brown Quits Social Media Again Because WAHHH :(


Everything is so hard for Chris Brown: People are still pissed about that whole “savagely beating Rihanna” thing, they make fun of him for wanting shit in women’s retinas and the public doesn’t seem to like when guys attack Frank Ocean because Ocean might actually be a really good person. So, what’s a wittle Chwis to do? Why, quit social media and pretend it’s for any other reason than because people keep criticizing you, duh!

The Chris Brown Instagram has been taken down, but first, Brown posted a statement to his 2 million (yes, 2 million!) followers: ”But…. Social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons. So with that, I’m detaching myself from that world.”

Excuse me while I react.

No. Wrong. Social media is, in part, what makes you people special and icons. There are dozens, probably hundreds, of celebrities whose careers would not exist had social media been null and void. If he didn’t have social media to bitch about his critics, Team Breezy would likely never know who and how to direct their fury towards them. Also, if you’re “detaching” yourself “from that world,” perhaps consider deleting your Twitter then and ceasing to be such a fucking violent jerk.

For those of you who follow The Gloss regularly, this might bring to mind a certain Jenny Johnson feud from last year wherein Brown got pissed that Johnson criticized him for being the worst, so he made rapey, vile tweets back and all of his Team Breezy weirdos followed his example. Words were exchanged, he mentioned shitting in her retinas, etcetera etcetera. Eventually, Brown decided to quit social media for a bit because “these bitches crazy” but promptly reinstated it when he remembered that he was narcissist. To be fair, most of us on Instagram are sort of narcissists, but Brown is one in a way that goes far beyond “I post photos of literally everything I ingest.”

Hopefully Brown someday actually changes his ways and behaves like a 23-year-old who doesn’t run off deleting things dramatically just because people don’t like him for incredibly valid reasons. But for now, I’m just glad there’s one less social media tool that he uses.


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    • Brooke

      I laughed like an idiot at the gifs. Especially the Fresh Prince one. Chris Brown needs to vanish.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Gurrrl… you forgot Claire Danes in the crying section. FYI.

    • Jessie

      The part where he refers to himself as ‘special’ and an ‘icon’ gives me a major case of the willies. I just felt dirty for some reason reading that. But also, idon’t think you can constantly talk about how you aren’t a role model and are just a dude trying to do your thang, and then say you are special and an icon. I could be wrong, though.

    • Shannon Heart’s

      He is soooo ridiculous!!!! I wish he would just go away. “ICON”… LOL. ;)