How To Not Look Like A Tourist Although You Are A Tourist In A Foreign Land

Who knows this city like the back of their hand? YOU DO.

Who knows this city like the back of their hand? YOU DO.

It’s not easy being a tourist in a different country. If you can’t speak the language it can be near brutal. You catch yourself flapping your arms furiously while trying to communicate the most simple phrases, while the local across from you just stares at you in confusion:

Are you a bird? Is this customary behavior from where you come? Why are you shouting? I’m not hard of hearing!

However, in today’s technology savvy world, you can be a tourist without totally looking like a tourist. It’s all about being super stealth and realizing that if you smile a lot instead of flapping your arms like an escaped psych patient, you can blend.

So put your paper map away and start acting like you know exactly what’s going on and where you are. You can pull off not looking like a tourist no matter where you go. (Even if you’re actually, totally, clueless.)


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    • b3v

      Besoin d’une interprète? :D

    • Mathilde Hoeg Boisen

      I was in Berlin recently making my way around on my highschool German. I must’ve fooled somebody though, because two locals girls came up to me and asked for directions to Gina Tricot – and I was able to give it to them! Rockstar status; Unlocked.