Drew Barrymore Gets Photographed From The Shoulders Up For Harper’s Bazaar‘s ‘Big Fashion Issue’


When shooting Drew Barrymore for the cover editorial of their upcoming “Big Fashion Issue,”Harper’s Bazaar made an interesting choice: they only showed the very top of her. This can mean just one thing: Drew Barrymore is super fat now! Okay, so I’m mostly kidding, but wouldn’t it make more sense for the Big Fashion Issue to photograph Drew wearing some awesome head-to-toe ensembles? I know she just had a baby, but she is probably still thinner than most people, and I bet she would have looked just fine in the clothes. At least she looks nice from the shoulders up. What she looks like below that, we will never know.

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

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    • APS

      Do you mean the “big” fashion issue? Why does it matter it’s shoulders up… Drew isn’t a model, she is a woman, who had a child and probably looks fab head to tow.