20 Things Karl Lagerfeld Hates

Karl Lagerfeld quotes

“Do not look me in zhe eye.”

This week we learned that Karl Lagerfeld hates Michelle Obama‘s new bangs, despite otherwise being a huge fan of “Madame Obama,” indicating (once again) that the only thing Lagerfeld loves more than insulting random people is couching faint praise in backhanded compliments. In the wake of his recent mouth-running scandals–with Adele and Pippa Middleton–we decided to take stock of the Chanel designer’s long and storied history of hating stuff. So, here’s a bunch of Karl Lagerfeld quotes pertaining to all the things he dislikes, including but not limited to ugly babies, babies in general, Greek people and the smell of food.

We are by no means the first to assemble such a list, we are, however, the most recent.

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    • Amanda Chatel

      When you put all those quotes back to back like that, it’s absolutely amazing how much of an insanely ignorant douche he is. WHO THINKS THAT WAY, THEN ACTUALLY SAYS IT ALL OUT LOUD?

      • Sintra

        I know, right?? Usually, when Lagerfeld says anything, I think, “Oh, haha, there goes Kaiser Karl, being eccentric, living in his own world. He has 100s of iPods!”

        …But when you put it all in one place, it’s more like, “Whoa. Karl Lagerfeld is kind of a hateful bigot.”

      • CMJ

        I feel the same way. When they are all up there like that it is completely repulsive.

      • Greta

        Just adding to the pile here. I also always thought he was a charming–if not a little too nasty–eccentric. Turns out he’s… a piece of shit?

      • http://helloalle.com/ Alle

        He must have decided “Yes, this is a thing I am about to say, to a reporter who will record it and then tell the entire world about it, and I am totally cool with that.”

        What must he say in the privacy of his own home? Or marble crypt, as the case may be?

        Also, just for the record: Hate on round women all you want, Uncle Karl. You used to be pretty round yourself.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        oh my god. the “fan years.”

      • Paul

        And the Chubby years , before he got a Couture Gastric Band !!

    • hearona

      Didn’t he lose a LOT of weight a few years ago? Maybe he’s just trying to be like Coco…she was kind of a mega-douche too.

    • Daria


      *gasps for breath* Seriously? Is it because he makes pretty dresses?

    • alexandra

      “I try to avoid charity…I’m rich enough not to have to do that.”YR DOING IT WRONG.

    • Jennifer

      Sometimes I feel that Uncle Karl must be an elaborate hoax, because no one person could possibly be that out of touch. Then this slideshow happens, and reality comes and kicks me in the face (and probably calls me fat).

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        And resents you for being Greek?

        Or eating delicious Japanese snacks?

    • Guest

      If there wasn’t much of a height difference between the two actors, Phillip Hoffman could portray Karl in his “heavier” years, and Michael Douglas could portray him in his later years ;). They would do nicely to show what an ___ Lagerfeld is.

    • JennyWren

      It’s not so much what he hates as the way he hates them. Social activity is demode? Dude, why can’t you just say you prefer your own company?
      As Karl himself might say, this desperation to be unique is pitiable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/camattner Caue Mattner

      what an old sack of crap!
      unbelievable how a guy that creates so many nice things can be ridiculous and narrow minded!
      He lives in a world of fantasy, and i imagine he looks himself in the mirror and still see a young man, in the top of the world.But reality is different, he is an ugly, very very old small guy with a huge ego a that only is seen with beautiful male models because he has a name, or its one of his male prostitutes.
      Disgusting human being.

    • Leah

      Italians are awesome, As a rule, of course, there are terrible people everywhere.

      Anyway, I kinda feed bad for this guy…sounds like such a cold an lonely existence. Criticizing away, fixated on external appearance of a very narrow standard. No social life. not liking kids and family. it just sounds so sad and boring…
      I feel so well adjusted and open minded in comparison:) here you have it, money can’t buy joy or warmth if you have a narrow mind and cold heart.

    • Belladonna

      Well, I for one, rather agree with him on most accounts. He is brave enough to voice his opinion. Desserts, sweets, carbs, etc. Have made the modern world so extremely obese!! this issue alone wastes our taxpayer dollars in the US. Don’t medicate the overweight if they refuse to change their diet or exercise habits. That money should be much better spent on education. Lose your food addiction and/or stay out of the spotlight. This gives young women AT LEAST as bad of role models as does not women with issues such as anorexia. Oh, and yeah, he’s right: models just actually take a second to consider what they shove down their throats and exercise. Get with the program. Karl know what he’s talking about.