Do You Find This “Fat Photo” Offensive?

kylie jenner fat

You may when you realize who this actually is.

It’s Kylie Jenner! Kris Jenner’s daughter. Who normally looks like this:

jenners kardashian khaosShe used the Fat Booth app to morph a picture of herself into an obese state, and posted the result on Twitter. To be fair, there are a lot of apps that allow you to morph your appearance in a lot of bizarre ways. However, some find this morph fairly offensive. The Daily Mail reports:

They’re only young, so it’s almost charming when they mock the morbidly obese.

Because Kylie Jenner, 15, and Kendall Jenner, 17, probably don’t know that their svelte figures are down not only to youth but to the wealth that allows you to put healthy, delicious food on your table.

After all, it’s cheaper to head to Taco Bell than it is to dine at Nobu.

I mean, I rarely feel that the Daily Mail is being overly zealous in their support of women of different body types, but I am inclined to think that if apps that change your appearance in any way (good, bad, or scarcely noticeably) teenage girls are going to play with them. But it is always fun to be offended by anything the Kardashians do, so there’s that.

Picture via @KylieJenner

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    • kj

      KNEW it was a Kardashian. Their simple existence offends me, so yes, the photo is offensive by virtue of being under the general blanket of offensiveness.

      Frankly I am most offended by her makeup in the “real” picture of her. She looks like she is going to eat your soul.

      • Porkchop

        The second photo is among the more terrifying pictures I’ve ever seen of a person. Is this a cursed-shark-eyed-doll app? Or do we have the photographer’s gifts to thank for that effect?

    • msenesac

      No, I don’t find it offensive. That’s like saying anyone who stands in front of the fun house mirrors (that make you look wide or short or really tall) are being offensive. If she had a caption like “Look at me as a fat a$$” then maybe.

    • Ms. Pants

      I find the second photo of the painted whore with fake hair sewn to her scalp more offensive. She’s 15 and already learned the Kardasshole patented trowel-application make up technique. Get a water-sports sex tape under her and she’s another cash cow for her scruple-free mother.

      • Courtney


      • vnally

        Could you please not slut shame when speaking about teenage girls you don’t know? Calling somebody a “painted whore” is miles more offensive than anything Kylie Jenner has probably ever done in her short 15 years.

      • Ms. Pants

        Really? Really?!

        She’s fucking 15 years old and lives the gold-padded-ass lifestyle of a Hollywood socialite. I think we know she’s not a literal sex worker. Slut shaming? It’s colloquial hyperbole–the best thing ever–and if you spend your time focusing on what you consider a break in politically correct speech, you’re wasting your feminist activism entirely.

        Pick your battles.

      • vnally

        This isn’t a battle. I politely asked you not to use what I consider to be very harmful language – it doesn’t take that much effort to do on my part. I have plenty of “feminist activism” to go around.

        It’s really disappointing to me that you don’t understand how pervasively harmful slut shaming can be. When women are deigned to be inferior because of a perceived sexual promiscuity or deviation from what society has considered “proper,” it hurts everyone. In fact, if our culture weren’t so obsessed with painting sex as a transgressive act and if most of us didn’t revel so much in judging women who engage in it, I strongly doubt that the Kardashians would even be famous. I couldn’t tell you the name of the man in her sex tape, after all. In fact I couldn’t tell you the name of any man in a sex tape, because all we care about is damning the women in them.

      • Ms. Pants

        I’m 37 years old and my bedpost has disintegrated from all the notches. I’ve got the slut-cancer tee shirt with bonus battle scars to match. I’ve been through the slut gauntlet, come out the other side, and then gone through backwards and blindfolded.

        I’m well versed on society and perceived sexual promiscuity; I live it every single day of my life, which I’m incredibly grateful to still have. I will educate on matters I find important–HPV vaccines, well-woman exams, safer-sex, and the self-empowerment of women to not give a flying fuck what people say about them.

        A Kardashian? Not even on my radar.


      • vnally

        If they’re not on your radar than why did you just call one a whore?

        Self-empowerment of women is great, but I’m more interested in encouraging society not to berate and judge marginalized groups to the point where it affects their quality of life regardless of how self-empowered they are.

      • NotThumper

        Well said

      • Cate

        I agree with everything you say and I, as a sometime sex worker, do not think it’s at all inappropriate to say she looks like a painted whore.
        While obviously there’s nothing wrong with ladies CHOOSING to look like whores, painted or otherwise, I think in this particular case you’re right to be offended at her trowel-applied makeup. I suspect she was just brought up to paint her face like this and doesn’t actually have any idea what message she is sending or how her awful, exploitative mother is just packaging her with the intention of selling her to the public as another Kardashian Klone.

      • Karen

        Using terms like “colloquial hyperbole” don’t make you any less of a slut-shamer.

    • Eileen

      Anyone who has a Mac has a collection of Photo Booth pictures that look weird, right? Are we making fun of people whose faces are swirls?

      • Karen

        This is hilarious.

      • Samantha Escobar

        In all seriousness, I hate the face swirl ones! They remind me of The Ring :(

    • Guest

      Lol that’s actually Kendall… good try though. And no, it’s not offensive. It’s a silly app. Get over it.

    • Amanda

      No, I don’t find it offensive. I used that app in high school all the time, as well as many of my friends. She’s just a teenager messing around.

      I also don’t find her makeup offensive. I love that lip – I think I have the same color.

    • Not funny at all …

      What’s offensive is using this photo to make fun of overweight people — mocking their appearance. I’m not surprised that a 17 and 15 year-old would do it. Just disappointed because they always claim that they don’t like it when people criticize them for their appearance and behavior. They should learn not to be so hypocritical.

    • Lauren

      Is it offensive when editing is used to make people look extremely skinny? No. No difference with this.

    • Breezy

      I’m surprised to find myself in the minority here, but yeah I don’t care for those apps. They are making fun of a stigmatized identity, and I think people would be more offended if it were a different mock-able quality (since many people tend to judge obesity as a moral failing).

      I was trying to think of an example that wouldn’t get me punched in the comments– something that people see as a personal responsibility issue and judge people for. Ya know what I’ll just let you guys use your imaginations. I think the concept is shitty in general, I don’t want to give any techy entrepreneurs a new idea.

    • ugh

      That’s Kendall… you can even tell in the fat pic. Also, this is dumb.

      • Ana


    • Madame X

      That’s right, your only options are Taco Bell or Nobu. No nutritious food exists outside Nobu.

    • Rachel Jackson

      Well yes it is actually. It is a tool designed to mock the overweight. Looking at it for what it is: an excuse to mock the non-thin? Even the name ‘Fat Booth’ (fat people are funny! Make yourself look like those funny fat people! Who cares right? They ain’t humans! They’re just FATTIES!) isn’t right.

      What if there were a Skinny Booth, where you could make yourself looked like an over-photoshopped, airbrushed model? Oh everyone would just LOVE that. Nobody would find that funny.