Christopher Abbott (a.k.a. Charlie From Girls) Stars In Free People’s Spring Campaign

Despite not being a particularly aspirational show, Girls is undeniably popular, and the attractive young people on it are quickly becoming famous. Hence, it stands to reason that they would start getting paid to advertise things: first, Lena Dunham made ads for The New Yorker‘s iPad app. Then Allison Williams landed a beauty campaign. And now, Christopher Abbott a.k.a. Charlie is getting a piece of the action in the spring campaign for the favored headband emporium of Audreys everywhere, Free People.

Much like Abbott’s character on Girls, the ad is embarrassingly twee. It stars Abbott as a touring musician who runs into an old flame, who is some sort of free spirited Spanish model (played by IRL free spirited Spanish model Sheila Marquez), on the street in New York. She agrees to meet up with him “for coffee” after she goes and washes her bohemian vagina. Oh boy! But despite this being universal code for sex, she still makes him play roshambo—a fancy asshat’s version of rock, paper, scissors—to determine whether they’re going to keep hanging out.

Rather than admit she wants to take him to bonetown, she somehow figures out how to subvert all laws of statistics to lose a million times in a row, and they frolic around the city in Instagram-y bliss as they make out, put booze in their coffee, and generally serve as one another’s manic pixie dream person. But then he has to go, and they are sad. They decide to play their favorite game one last time, and it ends on a cliffhanger. WHAT HAPPENS? Does he quit the band to hang out with her? Does she quit modeling to be his tour manager? I will cry if they don’t make a sequel.

There are many things one could infer from this video—Chris Abbott looks good with stubble, Chris Abbott is not afraid of a little branding, Chris Abbott doesn’t care about pleasing Team Marnie—but the most important takeaway is this: in the coming war of nice hipsters vs. mean hipsters, it’s clear which side Chris Abbott will be fighting on.

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    • Amanda Chatel

      So maybe I cried through this, then watched it again and cried some more. I can’t tell if it’s the Lord Huron song or if I think Charlie and I would be super together. I’m so confused by this massive wave of emotions.

      • jamiepeck

        Controversial opinion: after this week’s episode, I kind of think Charlie sucks!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh, he totally does! But I like to think of him as the cute boy I saw one day at Cafe Mogador a few months ago sitting at the table right next to me and how we both ordered the pancakes. Yes, that happened, and yes, I think we’re dating now.