Party Favors: Don’t Move To Arkansas

Arkansas advances barbaric abortion ban. -The Frisky

Apparently Adam Goldberg is a huge Vine fan. -BlackBook

What is “activated charcoal” and should you consume it? -Money Crashers

2013′s best Super Bowl commercials. -The Stir

This week’s Republican senator foot-in-mouth-moment. -Jezebel

Is Nasty Gal the new Forever 21 in terms of ripping off designers? - Fashion Law

How to make a plain old ponytail a little fancier. -Divine Caroline

A woman kindly invited a Sandy survivor to stay with her, everything turned awful - The Frisky

Oscar Deathmatch: Silver Linings Playbook vs. Reds - BlackBook

Classic Scandals of Hollywood is becoming a book - The Hairpin

Don’t stay together just so your kids can have Jesus. -DoubleX

Mississippi one step closer to being first “abortion-free” state. -Feministing

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