Women No Longer Love Pink

mean girls

No one loves pink. It’s “favorite color” among ladies status is finished. Femininity is over. Women are no longer wearing pink. ARE YOU WEEPING YET?



According to The Daily Mail:

Women are shunning the traditional feminine colour as they embrace strong masculine shades that are more in keeping with their increasingly high powered lifestyles.

The stereotype that women prefer soft hues and girly pinks has been turned on its head as a survey reveals British women don’t like Barbie’s favourite colour – and instead prefer to fill their wardrobes with blue.

The results revealed that British women are blue at heart, with 38 per cent saying it was their favourite colour, significantly ahead of black (26 per cent) and red (24 per cent).

I mean, we could just be picking colors that better suit our complexions – I love pink, but really can’t wear it – or we could just be turning our back on every possible female virtue. Or it could be that those really have nothing to do with colors that people like. Or that exclaiming that your favorite color is pink will immediately make you sound like something out of Mean Girls, so it makes sense that people might not immediately want to say that.

In any case, it is an excuse for this video:

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    • Eileen

      Anne of Green Gables loved pink, and it was her greatest tragedy in life* that she couldn’t wear it because of her red hair. Think of her, Daily Mail! (Or of the fact that “tradition” extends beyond 1900 and pink hasn’t been a girly color for all that long…meh, I’m already reminding friends that red is the traditional color of Communists and blue of Conservatives, so apparently tradition for colors comes in quickly)

      *her opinion, not mine.

    • Cee

      I actually wore pink for the first time since I was 5 a few days ago and I discovered I looked pretty good in it! I feel weird wearing it though. My coworker wears pink every Wednesday though, he’s been trying to implement this to my whole team Mean Girl’s style.

    • http://twitter.com/LucieSimone Lucie Simone

      I love pink & I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s a bright cheery color & it compliments my complexion. I also love guys who wear pink.