• Thu, Feb 7 2013

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, Because We Can’t Avoid It

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Call it what you will: Valentine’s Day, Singles-Awareness-Day, Mayor Bloomberg’s birthday, or a wretched day of Hallmark propaganda.

By any name, Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Look, I think Valentine’s Day is pretty wacky, and that you should emit love out of your pores every day of the year. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is the only day where people willingly eat heart-shaped chalk, and where you can complain if no one buys you flowers or chocolate. And this is why I always buy into it.

So here’s a Valentine’s Day gift guide for everyone on you shopping list, be they your boyfriend, single gal pals, current hook up, or self.

Go spend money, America!

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  • http://helloalle.com/ Alle

    VOSGES FOREVER. I will eat those bacon things from now until the end of time. And I don’t even LIKE bacon that much.