What Is A ‘Star Diet?’

cara delevinge

Today the Daily Mail discovered that Cara Delevingewho is eating all the big macs, all the time – is a “bad influence” on her friend Rita Ora. They ponder “Is fast food loving loving Cara Delevingne a bad influence on her best friend? Rita Ora admits to gorging on Big Macs. Not a good “star diet.”

I mean, I really do think it is ridiculous that every time anyone profiles a star she is obligated to gorge on a big mac. Maybe I’m just upset because I cannot eat big macs and look like Cara Delevinge, but I don’t think that’s what stars actually eat all the time. I object to those endless pictures and descriptions because I am pretty sure they are not an accurate representation of the star’s habits.


However, it made me wonder what a good “star diet” is. I have some thoughts.

- Kale

- Perrier

- The blood of your enemies

- Placenta

- Kale and Placenta and the blood of your enemies

- Raw eggs, milkshakes and meat

- Dried oatmeal paste

- Dreams

- Food stamps. The actual stamps.

- Water that is not Perrier, just normal water, like humans drinks

- Water with electrolytes, special water, that stars drink

- Big macs, apparently

Picture via @Caradelevingne

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    • Nikola

      Why does eating one hamburger mean you are ‘gorging’?

      And you know what a real star diet is? Massive amounts of hydrogen.

      Oh, celebrities? Yeah, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they eat, but I’m really disturbed by how much focus is only being given to the female celebrity food habits.

    • Cee

      Breastfeeding and running after children are in the star diet too