John Mayer Admits He Was A Douchebag (Well, Sort Of)


You know how sometimes, you look back on things you’ve done dating-wise and realize you could’ve treated people so much better, and you feel terrible? I still have this weird, banal guilt over making my seventh grade boyfriend of two months (i.e. 2 years in middle school) feel really bad by spontaneously breaking up with him in front of our lockers, no real warning given and never bothering to ask how it made him feel. To be fair, I have since done worse things in relationships, but I’ve always apologized; not doing so keeps a sense of closure from occurring. Perhaps this is a concept not unfamiliar to one John Mayer, whose number of celebrity ex-girlfriends and list of jerklike quotes are both rather high in quantity.

In an upcoming interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Mayer admits to host Anthony Mason that he realizes he was “just a jerk.” Considering he once called Jessica Simpson, one of his numerous famous exes, “sexual napalm” during a Playboy interview in 2010 and called Kerry Washington “white-girl crazy”, I’m inclined to see him this way. But he also seems to realize that people aren’t all that into him.

“It’s very liberating when you finally realize it’s impossible to make everyone like you,” Mayer said, adding, “I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction.”

Well, yeah, when you make ridiculous comments about women several times to the media, some people are going to find that…unsavory. Granted, this quote may have been taken from an odd context, but it sounds like he thinks that behaving this way was going to get people to like him, and that makes me rather bummed out. Not necessarily sad for him, but sad that saying such things could seem like a way to gain a positive image. He doesn’t necessarily apologize, but he does at least sound somewhat apologetic which is better than nothing, I suppose.

The full interview will air on CBS on February 10th (this Sunday) at 9 in the morning. I doubt I’ll be watching it, but it is at least somewhat comforting to hear a bit of a womanizer admitting that he realizes his past actions (A) have hurt others and (B) caused him to be unlikable. Self-awareness is not something that I associate with many celebrities, and though I’ve found Mayer ridiculously obnoxious in the past, I can at least find this to be a positive personality trait, even if it is mid-development still. Who knows? Maybe dating Katy Perry is doing some serious good for the guy.

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    • Sean

      Hi there, I know John isn’t very popular around here, and with very good reason, but feel like I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t say this…I love John Mayer. I think he’s a great artist and a spectacular guitar player, but he’s also been a royal dick to a lot of women for a long time, and it sounds awful but I think I understand why.

      I’m one of those people who listen to the lyrics of his songs and wholeheartedly feel he’s writing the soundtrack to my life. There have been several times where I’ve heard him put into words feelings I’ve had, and taken great solace in that. There’s great insight in them, and yes, there are the “I want to get laid” songs, but there are also the “I’m concerned about things in my life” songs, and those are the ones that have pulled me through some pretty scary moments.

      I said I understand why he’s a dick…he’s me when I was younger. He’s over-confident, successful (more so than I of course), and ultimately, hasn’t been forced to assess his life to this point. I had those moments several times over, and I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago. I think as time goes by, he’ll be faced with the choices he’s made, and hopefully he’ll grow from them. I’m quite proud of the person I am now, and I hope one day he can say the same.

    • Cee

      I like John Mayer..the singer. Personally, he is a douche and I don’t see his appeal physically speaking. Not to defend his actions or anything cuz he truly was an asshole boyfriend to these women, but, it just boggled me how many women dated this guy. Like, yea the first one or two girls (Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson? right? or was it Minka Kelly?) I thought “well shit, how could you have known?” but after that, his exploitations were very widely known. So, what bothered me more was these women, Im looking at you Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston, that still went on to date him, and Jennifer went back TWICE! I mean what was the appeal? He’s not cute, he looks like a creeper, hence, I will never go to his concerts but will listen to his albums…but, did these women think they’d be the one to change him or something?