Kate Upton Looks ‘Cold, lol’ On Her Second Consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover


She’s done it again, and this time, in a parka (albeit a totally useless one)! Kate Upton and her cleavage scored yet another cover of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition, looking stunning as well as justifiably chilly in the polar picture. Considering how many people criticized Upton’s figure for being “fat” and not model-y enough after her first cover, I imagine she’s doing a bit of a dance to herself knowing she is the first since Tyra Banks between 1996 – 97 to be given back-to-back covers of the Swimsuit Edition issue. Fierce, eh?

Although I have to admit, she doesn’t actually look particularly fierce in demeanor here. Gorgeous, absolutely. But also a little confused and blank, which is odd because I usually think Upton is noticeably more personable than most models in photographs. Even she tweeted, “I look…Cold lol.” Then again, she was actually being shot in fucking Antarctica, so I feel like she gets a free pass on looking as cold as she wants to while wearing half a bikini and an open jacket.

Tonight, Upton and 9 other Sports Illustrated models will be on “Late Night With David Letterman”, presumably to talk about being hot and in Sports Illustrated, and tomorrow, the issue will hit stands. Who knows what will be next to Upton; maybe she’ll wind up following in the footsteps of Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley, who each did three consecutive covers. Either way, I have a feeling Upton will continue her reign as America’s Currently Most Likable Model.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

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    • Fabel

      Is it just me, or like…why did they even bother with a location shoot if they were gonna fuck with the final image so much? She looks superimposed over the background.

      • Maria

        I immediately* thought the same thing! The lighting is very weird.

        *After about 5 minutes of oogling amazing boobs.

    • Amanda

      I don’t get what’s so special about her. She’s certainly not ugly, but she is very average and plain, like someone you could find walking around the mall any weekday.

    • Cee

      God….breasts…body..hot..woman *melt*…I don’t know shit about her, but I can’t help but oogle her. Shes just very hot.