Rand Paul Tries To Neg Ashley Judd Out Of Running For Office

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Rand Paul (R-KY) seems poised to become the fastest rising jerk in the US Senate. He hates the Violence Against Women Act, birthright citizenship, gun control, and a woman’s right to choose. Hence, it stands to reason that when actress/political activist Ashley Judd started talking about running (possibly against him) for Senate in Kentucky, he hit her with a backhanded compliment so subtly bitchy it could have been crafted by Mystery himself. (Or perhaps the Dowager Countess of Grantham.)

Here is what he said to CNN:

“Ashley Judd is a famous actress, she’s an attractive woman, and presents herself well and from what I understand is articulate.”

Translation: “You’re cute and all, Ashley Judd, but don’t get too many big ideas in that pretty little head of yours. Kentucky is mine.” It’s like Joe Biden‘s “clean and articulate” gaffe, only it’s not a gaffe at all. Rand Paul chose his words quite carefully here.

His reasons for opposing her? “She doesn’t really represent Kentucky, she lives in Tennessee.” Except she spent most of her childhood there, and went to college there as well. And anyway, Tennessee is totally close to Kentucky. Anything else?

“[She's] way damn too liberal for our country, for our state,” he told radio station WMAL a while ago. Or is she just liberal enough? That Republicans are spending money on attack ads aimed at her and Rand Paul is going on TV to denounce her before she’s even announced a run of any kind show that they are taking Ashley Judd’s liberal, feminist, environmentalist ways seriously. Either that, or Rand Paul is trying to hit on her using tactics he learned in the seduction community. Who knows?



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    • Ella

      If your parents are illegal and you’re born in the U.S. you definitely should not be granted citizenship.

    • http://twitter.com/americanpirates Aaron

      Do we honestly believe that just because an act has a nice sounding name that it must be wonderful? Ever hear about the “Patriot Act?” Why, you must hate America if you vote against that. There are plenty of women who oppose the “Violence Against Women Act.” Isn’t it kind of a clue that a bill has such a silly name? Hint: Violence is already illegal and the 10th amendment leaves things to the states. Ever notice that murder is a state crime?