11 Romantic Clichés You’ll Never Experience

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    • Cee

      I’m actually going to a wedding I don’t want to go this weekend, and wearing a light pink dress AND my girlfriend wants to rescue me from staying there too long. If she replaces the cake with a plate of bacon mushroom mac n cheese I’ll be pretty pleased.

      • Amanda Chatel

        OMG. Bacon mushroom mac n’ cheese… my heart just melted at the thought! Now that’s true love.

    • Candace

      I totally read this with the attitude “Well my life is awesome and romantic, I bet I’ve experienced at least a couple of things on the list”


    • Nancy

      My boyfriend actually did put some rose petals on the bed for me once. I think it was just because I was having a really bad day, and he already had roses there that he’d bought me for either my birthday or valentine’s so he just used the petals from those to cheer me up. I cried, and laughed at myself while I did lol.

    • http://twitter.com/TanishaLove Tanisha L. Ramirez

      I’m always breaking out into song and dance upon meeting a crush. This is quite possibly why they are all afraid of me.

    • Jen

      I had an epic kiss/make-out session in rain during a thunderstorm after a great first date.

      I never saw the fella again, perhaps due in part to how I looked when I got home. Mascara everywhere!!

    • Cate

      Not to brag (no, totally to brag) but I’ve not only had a spontaneous makeout session in the rain which then turned into pretty great sex in the rain. It was on a fire escape and was for a pretty long time the best sex I’ve ever had with a dude I reeeeeally liked.
      Of course the dude was not nearly as into me as I was into him and now that I look back on it I’m not sure why I was so into him at all so the whole experience is no longer touched with a rosy glow.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh dude. I thought my sexdrive had disappeared, but after reading this and the thought of fucking in the rain… well, it just might be back. THANK YOU.

      • Cate

        It was pretty great! Warm summer rain and drunk-but-not-wasted sex.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I’ve sworn off French dudes since my threesome last spring… but maybe I’ll change all that. I want sex in the rain, too, dammit!

    • kim

      I can’t believe it, I actually did live one of these moments, though certainly not with the “love of my life”, more like with the “love of two weeks”. But what a great two weeks. Met him out, he and I danced, laughed, and yes, drank. The end of the evening came and we walked our separate ways in a downpour. Fifteen minutes later I heard him calling me and turn to see him running towards me, he smiled, grabbed me, dipped me and proceeded to give me one of the most memorable, amazing, goose- bumps- all- over kind of kiss that this old broad has ever had. Crazy? Yes! True? Absolutely! Have I ever had it repeated? Never….but I am always hopeful.

    • Ara

      okay, fancy dress when he appears thing. (check). I was at a black-tie event and then romance and things happened.

      Additionally, I’m currently one of those irritating people who has been breaking out into song and dance all month. I suck. I know.

    • Choo

      I got to experience the “take down her ponytail and dress her in something flattering” makeover once, and it is still one of my most favoritest memories, because seriously. I had a job where my hair always had to be up, makeup was impractical, and my uniform was XXL tshirts because that is all the company had and I was the only girl doing that job. There was a cute guy I worked with, and we made plans to go see the fireworks on the Fourth of July. I got all dolled up (ie: wore clothes that fit and some makeup), and when he came to meet me he almost crashed his motorcycle he was so stunned. He kept talking about how amazing I looked, and I was trying so hard not to laugh at the “She’s All That”ness of it all.

    • slacking at work

      I’ve done the intense make-out-in-the-rain thing. It’s still a great memory from the first days of dating my husband. Also, during my wedding reception (not at Disney), my planner let my bridesmaids into my hotel room, and they scattered rose petals all over the bed, which my husband and I were sure to take advantage of later.