Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jessica Perez: “Most Men Prefer Our Bodies”

Jessica Perez Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition

It’s that time of year again, guys: the Sports Illustrated models get trotted out at a million press junket to discuss how much they love eating chocolate (they can’t live without it!), reveal how they learned to love their curves and also share helpful workout/healthy snacking tips.

…We’re not being dickish; these are the only quotes ever (probably because these are the only things they’re asked about).

Unfortunately, what with the framing of those questions, one model might slip and say some regrettable things about women’s bodies. This year, the offending quote comes from Jessica Perez:

“Not everyone’s modeling career is the same, and you have those girls who do runway shows and high fashion, and that’s not the path my career has taken. I have a sexy body. I feel like most men prefer our bodies over women’s runway bodies.”

To which we say:


Wait. Wrong gif.

We meant:


Because, first off, why would you need to bag on other women’s bodies? That’s lame. Don’t do that.

Second off, who gives a fuck*? Not every woman is attracted to men and plenty more women would like their bodies to look how they want them to, as opposed to how the men who buy Sports Illustrated want them to.

Lastly, no one’s trying to say Perez’s body isn’t hot–we’re saying just because Perez’s body is hot, doesn’t mean other types aren’t too. She says herself, “I have a sexy body,” to imply that other bodies–thin ones, fat ones, short ones, etc–aren’t also sexy bodies. That’s a false dilemma, Jessica Perez!

Oh, and to all of you commenters at the ready to be like, “Well, it’s true! Men prefer curves/want a girl with meat on her bones!” to this we say: god. Go to a different blog. Any other blog.

It’s not really Perez’s fault that women are constantly positioned against each other–as if men like only one of two body types and the world is a giant Thunderdome where only the teeniest bikini survives–but it is her fault for not getting better. Let’s all agree to stop talking like this!

(via NYMag, main photo via Getty, gif via Buzzfeed)

(*Ed Note: Well, plenty of straight women, certainly. But Jennifer at least tries to add a weird dimension of social anthropology.)

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    • alexandra

      Also, no shit, we know you think (and are often told that) you’re more attractive than us. That’s why you get to be in Sports Illustrated! thaaaannnnkkkksssss

      • Ashley Cardiff

        ‘ppppppprrrrrreeeeeeeciate ittttttttttttt

    • Sarah Hollowell

      I’m confused as to why she’s considered to have meat on her bones/curves/whatever. I mean, yeah, she has slightly more fat than runway models but she’s not exactly, uh, meaty.

      (Which I don’t mean to say in a bitchy way at all, I just think it’s odd that those words would be used to describe her.)

      • Tania

        I think “curvy” is an appropriate word, if you mean it in the “has curves” sense. Waist goes in, hips come out. Curved.

        Meaty, definitely not.

      • Winston Blake
    • Vanessa

      DAMN those gifs made me laugh!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Sometimes gifs are better than words.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Most times.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Truer words have never been spoken. Also, THAT MONKEY GIF.

    • The Kat Sheridan

      Models are by nature self-absorbed. In real life we choose our long-term partners based on how they behave, not how they look in swimwear. I’m a big fatty and my husband loves me. Maybe some magazines should interview me.

    • kj

      As Miss Manners would say: “How nice for you.”
      That is all.

    • Jon

      I think that if Kate Upton had said this, she would be heralded as a hero instead of vilified as a self-absorbed airhead.

      • Ruby

        I disagree, mostly because I doubt Upton would. I’m not crazy about her as a model but I think she’s done an admirable job of not framing her success in terms of having a sexier/”better” body.

    • Miss Eva Vavoom

      When I read her comments I hear more that despite the fact that she is beautiful within the parameters set by the fashion/media industry she is obviously compared, scrutinized and critiqued on a regular basis by fashion/media ‘taste-makers’ who are jaded, mean and bitter. Most of us can just go on with our lives when such people try to waste our time but models are kind of embedded into that culture which is also full of men who see women as (literally) disposable trinkets. I could not possibly envy someone who works as a model whatever she looks like. But I would totally buy a SI Swimsuit that had models who are size 12-16!!

    • Edward O’Shea

      I’m sorry, I have to agree with her. The standard image of a runway model is an unhealthy, anorexic frame draped in unusual clothing. Only when the fashion industry changes and stops treating women like they should have the bodies of 9 year old girls will this image change. Be angry at Jessica Perez all you want, but there is a reason they are called “models”.