New Red Carpet Trend Alert: The Breast Frame?

Beyonce Life is but a DreamAs Sam already mentioned this morning, Beyonce premiered her new HBO movie last night Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream and wore Elie Saab couture to do so. You can identify the designer because all the beading looks like growths.

Seriously, it looks like strings of growths made from glittery coral:


Setting aside our feelings about Elie Saab as the de facto red carpet choice of Hollywood starlets, the dress strikes us as yet another entrant into what we’re calling the “breast frame” trend–though HuffPo gives it the cuddlier moniker of “boob window.” Both terms are ridiculous.

The “breast frame” was on display just yesterday in our post about the Elle Style Awards, seen on both Samantha Barks and Zawe Ashton. Behold:

boob window

It’s like a little picture frame that makes one’s breasts resemble a beautiful hilly landscape.

Oh, and we’re calling this a “trend” because, in journalism, three’s a trend. Since we are by no means journalists here, we’re feeling pretty fucking confident about this.

So, in the time-honored tradition of lazy pseudo-journalism, let’s open this trend up to a poll!

Would you like to try this boob window/breast frame trend?

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We’re so excited about Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, by the way. We understand it’s actually a daring, lucid reimagining of The Tempest starring Beyonce as Prospero, Jay-Z as Ariel and Kanye West as Caliban (Kim Kardashian will provide comic relief, playing both Stefano and Trinculo). The magic of showbiz!

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    • Samantha

      Can we avoid the word starlet? Especially in regards to Beyonce (by transitive property of Elie Saab, but still) since she’s been performing since I was in grade school.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Though I was not necessarily referring to Beyonce as a Hollywood starlet (as you observed), I think that’s a fair objection.

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Ashley Cardiff

        I mean Dreamgirls.