Old People In Love Story

I will never stop loving these love stories. Nor will I ever stop crying, apparently? This is much better than The Notebook. This. Right here. He can still smell her shampoo, and he put a tiara on her helmet.

(Also, Alzheimer’s is the saddest disease. You can donate here. Or, if you feel like helping me get some sort of t-shirt, I’m participating a walk for Alzheimer’s, so, here is a page for donations on that, I swear I did not mean to use this video to emotionally manipulate you so I can get a t-shirt).

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    • Tania

      So sweet, and so sad. My great-great aunt had it. It’s completely heartbreaking watching a person lose themself.

    • jiraf

      Alzheimers is kind of a personal cause to me too (ps I did that walk! Go Jennifer) but I was looking up online cause I’d like to donate to Alzheimer’s research but don’t want my money to go to waste (or at least want the most efficient use of my meager donations) and I found that Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s Fund are way better rated than Alzheimer’s Association (according to Charity Navigator). Just fyi if you really want to make an impact! I never get passionate about charity but I really support this cause… (Also I hate The Notebook. BLEGH)

    • Phoebe

      Bawling my eyes out right about… now.