Unfortunate Lessons I Learned About Dating From Disney Princesses

Disney_Princess_2013_lineupValentine’s Day is over, and you have another year to find romance. Or continue it! Perhaps you can look back to your childhood, and take some helpful lessons about dating from these Disney Princesses. Or not. Here is what you learn from each of them, or, at least, what I learned, which may or may not have been incorrect. Who can say, really?

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    • anna

      my father would go on a rant about young marriage and the infantalization of women whenever i watched little mermaid growing up. i also wasn’t allowed to play with barbie lest i get body image issues. he’s a good father.

      • S.

        Your dad wins the internet this week! You usually hear about moms (well the good ones like mine) doing this, but dads are normally considered too clueless to bother. That’s a great father.

      • anna

        i showed him this and he raised an eyebrow and said “indeed.” he looked happy though. he’s pretty great.

    • T-Lex

      Mulan: A relationship built on a few big lies is A-OK, he will still pop the question.

    • Tania

      Ah, that is my problem. I keep going for run-of-the-mill narcissists, not wealthy ones!

      • http://twitter.com/JenAshleyWright Jennifer Wright

        Okay, good, I’m glad we solved things.

    • Kate

      The lesson I always took from The Little Mermaid was “It’s totally okay to trade your voice for a killer pair of legs. Men don’t really want to talk to you anyway.” Oh Disney.

    • Nat

      I was raised loving the Disney princesses and I played with Barbies and I have never had body issues and am independent and will be completing my BA at 20 before working on a joint MA/JD from UV. Most little girls don’t really grow up to be helpless or have body issues, some do and to them I’m very, very sorry. But no one I know has been negatively affected by Disney or Barbie because most people grow out of that little girl stage. Princesses are pretty and fun to pretend to be when you’re little, but a majority of girls grow up and realize that’s fake and end up just fine. Yes, we all realize that the princesses and Barbie aren’t great role models, but they were never meant to be role models in the first place.

      • B. Mason

        Apparently, playing with Barbies and liking Disney princesses did not help in removing that stick up your bum. Hope law school has a course in recognizing humor.