Fashion Disasters: Emma Stone Vs. Kim Kardashian Compete For Ugliest Poofy Black Dress


Over the past week, the world has seen a whole lot of disappointing fashion. From Michelle Williams‘ ridiculously high slit to the sadness that was the Grammy’s red carpet, it just hasn’t bee the sexiest week in fashion. But my least favorite looks came from Emma Stone for the Berlin International Film Festival and Kim Kardashian‘s for the Topshop Topman LA opening party. Both wore black, both had obnoxious structure elements, both were bad. Like…really, really bad.

Lo and behold:

ugliest-dress-Kim-Kardashian ugliest-dress-Emma-Stone

Just like cut outs, it appears that another horribly bad fashion decision has become contagious and involves Kim Kardashian. This time, it’s pants under dresses. While I’m pretty sure it’s an excusable choice when you are younger than, oh, 11 or so years old, it’s definitely not something you should wear out as an adult — and definitely not appropriate to wear to something remotely fancy. So, naturally, Kim decided it was a good idea. Plus, she added copious amounts of swishy fringe and a sheer stenciled top that only Jennifer Lopez could be proud of.

As for Emma’s dress: it’s not like it doesn’t fit her body or was an inherently terrible idea. But my god, those sleeves remind me of turkey legs from those Medieval Times jousting shows you can go to while on vacation. I get that leg-o’-mutton sleeves was once a thing, but it shouldn’t have been, and it cannot be now — particularly in combination with a wide fishnet shoulder look. C’mon now, Stone, you know better than that! I expect the ugliest dress looks from any Kardashian alive; I tend to think of Emma Stone as an unobtrusively stylish celebrity who doesn’t offend anybody with her red carpet decisions. I’m not angry, Emma, I’m just disappointed.

That said, Kim’s many past transgressions cannot be ignored, so let’s just all settle on the decision that she loses because she is Kim Kardashian and that is that. Sound good? Okay, cool.

Bonus: Kris Jenner looked stupid, too.


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    • kj

      Hey, don’t hate on “pants under dresses” until you live in Canada! Because stockings just don’t cut it in the Great White North.

      Also, Kim’s dress was worse than I ever could have imagined. Dear God.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I grew up in Syracuse, NY (we get the most snow out of anywhere in the continental US) so I feel ya! I used to do it more when I was younger but now, I always just pick between pants or wearing a dress with thick tights (and taking a cab/driving because hell knows I’ll never walk in tights when it’s cold out). Although, Kim was in Los Angeles so she literally has no excuse.

        And yes — ISN’T IT DREADFUL?! Guh. Everything about it, man. Everything.

      • Tania

        My trick: layers of tights, nylons, and stockings. Up to 4. They’re thin enough to layer, and warm enough so that I can wear dresses and not look entirely silly!

    • Jo

      What are you talking about! Emma Stone looks gorgeous. Her hair and makeup are perfect, and her dress is a statement. The fishnet you are referring to are laser cut outs. And the sleeves have a renaissance poof sleeve vibe to it. It’s a tasteful statement look. While Kim Kardashian is just tasteless ugly.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I love her makeup! It looks really pretty and different. I forgot to mention that that was another reason I hate Kim’s more. But I hate those sleeves. I just…ugh. I hate them so much.

    • len132

      Kim’s dress looks like she killed an emu and stuffed herself inside it for warmth.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I love this comment. She would do that.

    • Anne

      I disagree so hard on the Emma Stone dress. Not KK, she is the definition of awfulness, no matter what she wears. But Emma Stone looks amazing!

    • Lori Nicole Peck

      Emma Stone’s Gucci dress is gorgeous,and she is totally rocking it! I love pieces that play with different shapes and textures, and keeping it all one color makes it look sophisticated. Love, love, love it.

      I think part of Kim’s problem is that her clothes never look like they fit her. For a girl who is supposedly so proud of her curves, she doesn’t know how to flatter them.

      • Jenny

        I know! Kim managed to make herself look dumpy and completely hid her hourglass shape. She looks more like an apple than an hourglass in that ‘dress’.

    • Megan Elizabeth

      Emma Stone’s dress is VERY reminiscent of Molly Ringwald’s prom dress in Pretty in Pink.

    • Erynn Petrulis

      Oh, Kim’s is way, way worse. I mean Emma looks like some kind of futuristic revival of Elizabethan fashion, in a very silly way, but that nest on Kim’s hips is just inexplicable xD But bad fashion makes the world go round, so I say keep entertaining me.

    • soupy

      Kim Kardashtrash is just pure UGLY!

    • Anon

      To be perfectly honest, I hate Kim. She’s a jerk, she’s kind of NOT pretty (actually ugly) unless she has makeup on, and the dress.

      No comments about the dress. len132 has taken the words right out of my mouth.

    • Pappilli0n1943

      without having seen the photo first, I KNEW K’s mom was not far away in something a bit more sexy than K who is looking like ‘little miss muffet who has really sat on her tuffet?” too bad for words!