First Gay Wedding Held At The Plaza Hotel Will Make You Cry

plaza hotel gay weddingHappy belated Valentine’s Day! No. I kid! I wouldn’t wish it to anyone on the actual day, let alone a few days later. That’s shit for romantics and the delusional.

For the first time ever in its 106-year-old history, The Plaza, one of the most quintessential icons in New York City, hosted its very first gay wedding. On top of being a historical event for the hotel, the video of the June 2012 wedding that was just posted to NewYorkFilmworks Vimeo page, is all the proof anyone needs that love, in all its forms, is worthy of respect and recognition.

As you watch the mini-film of Jason and Tony’s wedding, you will cry. Actually, that’s a lie, you will bawl. You will bawl your eyes out and have zero control over your waterworks. In addition to the union of the two men, they also brought together their two children — each man has one — to make this beautiful “quartet,” as the wedding officiator says.

So get the tissues and prepare to be moved. Also, make sure to check out just how gorgeous their wedding is; getting married at The Plaza is pretty much the dream place to celebrate your love for those who really want to play the princess card on their wedding day.

Photo: NYFilmWorks via Towleroad

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    • LS

      My god. That is so beautiful.

    • unreligious

      It may have been their first gay wedding, however they have hosted commitment ceremonies for years. I went to one there six years ago.

    • Winston Blake

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