Red Carpet Rundown: Jessica Chastain, Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler & More Attend 2013 Writers Guild Awards

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaze attend the Writers Guild Awards

The Writers Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles this weekend and the red carpet was surprisingly comely–who’d have thought a bunch of schlubby creative types would turn it out much, much better than those hopeless Grammys attendees? …Well, reasonable people, we guess.

Anyway, Jessica Chastain, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham and more stopped by. Let’s see what they wore:

Julie Bowen WGAFirst up, Julie Bowen. Although we have no love for the drape of the dress, this lady looks pretty amazing in tangerine.

Gina GershonOh, dear, Gina Gershon. Let’s just say the heavy suede boots are a problem.

Lena DunhamLena Dunham wore an asymmetrical strapless printed frock and posed with much attitude.

Amy PoehlerWe’re so stoked about entering the era of Foxy Red Carpet Amy Poehler.

Aubrey Plaza WGAPoehler was joined by her Parks and Rec costar, the always foxy Aubrey Plaza. We like this print a lot but would have appreciated less matchy shoes.

Mindy KalingWe are stumped, though, by Mindy Kaling‘s shoes.

Nathan FillionMal was there! Look at Mal!

Jane LynchJane Lynch wore a satiny suit–we are never in favor of the tie front jacket.

Kate WalshMaybe it’s just the other attendees, but Kate Walsh seems overdressed? We’re way into the color on her, though, just not the distracting black piping.

Kerry BisheIt seems as though Kerry Bishe was going for something ethereal and then decided to balance that out with heavily strapped sandals. It ends up looking off-balance, to us.

Jessica ChastainOur thing for Jessica Chastain is becoming untenable. This isn’t our favorite red carpet look of hers–a little too ballerina, intentional or no–but oh god her face look at her face:

Jessica ChastainSo much for objectivity.

(All photos via Wenn)

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    • alexandra

      kate walsh’s dress is too small, too :(

      And it’s especially sad about Mindy Kaling’s shoes because it distracts from a seriously great neckline and hair. boo.

      • Ana

        I was loving Mindy’s look until I got to the shoes as well. Sad.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        well, at least her smokey eye is perfect, right?

      • Anonachocolatemousse

        They were very disappointing. But I will say that I drooled when I saw Amy’s shoes.

    • Katrina Mahlon

      Great to see the celebs, but where are the writers? Happy birthday to Amy Tan… trivia about this writer… she was in a band with other famous writers… so cool.