How To Tell If You’re Officially A Couple In The Age Of Social Media

Girls-episode-6“But I thought you were my boyfriend! You ‘liked’ the last 21 of my self-taken photos on Facebook and retweet everything I put on Twitter — even the dumb stuff!”

Have you ever had this conversation with someone? You’re sleeping with them (sometimes), you’re both not seeing anyone else (you don’t think), and based on what your friends see on social media, there is some serious flirting going on between you and this specific person. You’ve even debated changing your relationship status on Facebook, but since you haven’t had “the talk” yet, it’s hard to say if you’re jumping the gun or not. You’ve also chosen the only photo of you two to use as your next soon-to-be profile photo.

When Marnie assumed Booth Jonathan was her boyfriend on the most recent episode of Girls, to just realize he wasn’t, there were tears. On top of tears, there was awkwardness and a really ugly dress that was something I’m pretty sure I’d seen on the Jetsons. But had Marnie and Booth been “friends” on social media, could that argument that led to a breakdown, on both their parts, been avoided? Your relationship status on Facebook says everything about who you are, all while validating your worth at the same time, doesn’t it?

So if you want to know if you’re officially in a couple in the age of social media, you need to read the signs carefully before you tearfully cry in a wine cellar somewhere: “I thought you were my boyfriend!” No wants that stamped in their memory. (Especially in that dress.)

Photo: HBO

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    • Maggie

      I loathe the “It’s Complicated” relationship status option. You might as well call it the “I’m an immature idiot and so is my boy/girlfriend but mostly I just want all the attention” status.

      • Amanda Chatel

        My thoughts exactly. Then the best part is when they have to officially move it back to “single” and then they get sympathy for it. ARGH.

      • Cara Crowes

        I hide my relationship status when I’m single, that way people don’t assume I’m looking for that.

    • anna

      i’ve always hidden my realtionship status on facebook. i just think facebook doesn’t need to know that.