The Miley Cyrus Blunt Picture Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Miley Cyrus blunt

An Instagram account tethered to the name “mileyxxcyrus” uploaded a photo apparently showing Miley Cyrus smoking a blunt. The image (that’s it up there, obviously) was posted along with the caption ”High as fvck.” This was alarming to many people because… because people are easily alarmed.

We haven’t see any condemnation or angry tweets or diatribes about how far Hannah Montana has fallen, but we’re sure they’re all out there in stupid droves. Did these people not know that Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed?

Anyway, actual Miley Cyrus offered a clipped response to the sudden dumb controversy:

Miley Cyrus blunt tweet

But! Before you think you can go to sleep and rest peacefully knowing we live in a world where faintly relevant former child stars never smoke drugs…

Both the person in the photo and Actual Miley Cyrus have the same tattoo. And the same hair! Further, whoever manages the fake Instagram account sure has a lot of access to personal photos of Actual Miley Cyrus. Further still, we all know Cyrus is a preeminent Latin scholar. Our sister site, Crushable, broke down the several conspiracy theories, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

We obviously don’t care if this is her or not (and she’s probably not even doing anything illegal–Cyrus lives in California, where people throw joints at you on the street).

We do, however, have a hard time defending anyone involved because the only thing more asinine than people being scandalized by marijuana use is people uploading photos of their marijuana use to various social media platforms.

(Instagram, Crushable)

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    • Sean

      Wait a minute…Miley’s middle name is “Ray”?

      Really Billy Ray? Really?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I’m actually really proud that’s the only thing you took from this.

      • Sean

        Yeah…I don’t care if she smokes, but that middle name is a travesty.

      • Samantha

        Billy Ray didn’t pick the name – she was born Destiny Hope and changed it legally after her career took off.

      • Samantha

        … and I suddenly realized that I am embarrassed that I know this.

    • Cee

      Ugh, her and RiRi’s smoking drives me insane. It’s like I said last week. It’s as annoying as that teenager posting pics of him/herself next to every bottle they consume to look cool. Do your thing and shut the fuck up about it. It doesn’t make you badass for doing pot, stop stigmatizing it that way and maybe people will get on board with it.

      But then again, both Miley and Rihanna both have an insatiable thirst for attention which appears in every social network outlet and is comprised with dd tweets, haircuts, half naked pictures and the use of drugs.

      • Cee

        odd tweets*

    • MaximumOvertroll

      I don’t care, I really just don’t give two shits about any of this… in fact, why am I making this comment?