Your Yoga Pants Are Driving Men Wild With Lust

yoga pants

I am not making this up. Your yoga pants. Men love them. God, how they love them. According to a writer at the Good Men Project:

I’m obsessed with yoga pants. There, I said it. I can’t stop thinking about those damn yoga pants.

While I realize there is nothing shocking or revelatory about a heterosexual male saying that he has become captivated by a female fashion-trend that has obliterated the need for imagination, I like to think my obsession transcends the salacious. I like to envision myself as someone thoughtful and modern and progressive. But when it comes to yoga pants, I’m not.

Yoga pants have brought out my worst chauvinistic characteristics—the characteristics I’d like deny exist inside me. But when it comes to yoga pants, I can’t.

The only absurd part here is when the writer states that he thinks women are wearing yoga pants to the gym specifically to turn him on. Namely:

Women are also complicit here. Again, I’m not asserting that the egregious rape-mentality of dangerous men — the ones who believe if a woman dresses provocatively, she is “asking for it” — has any validity. It unequivocally does not. However, I have a hard time believing that — outside of the gym or the yoga classes — women wear yoga pants solely for comfort.

You know, I just find it hard to do pilates in floppy pants? It’s kind of embarrassing, but if my pants are long and loose I have legitimately managed to tangle my feet in the cuff and fall down, because you are striking weird poses that require looping your legs in a strange fashion, often while upside down. That’s why I wear yoga pants. To do yoga stuff in. So, I wear them as they were intended to be worn.
But really, I think people of both genders have particular clothing that they find attractive when a member of the opposite sex wears them. For instance, if I were a man, I’d wear a tuxedo pretty much every day, because I think all women find that attractive. By all women, that means me. That’s not everyone. Some ladies go for flannel, some ladies go for leather jackets, I don’t understand those ladies, but they’re out there.
But then, you do not assume men are wearing any of those things specifically to drive you wild with lust, and the same really shouldn’t be assumed about a woman in yoga pants. Seriously. She is probably dressed that way because she just wants to do some yoga.
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    • Jen

      I write a little online dating blog, and oddly enough, I recently found a dude on OKCupid who also seems rather obsessed with yoga pants… and the lack thereof:

    • Alle

      If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be “Everything is not about your boner, dude.”

      • Porkchop

        I KNOW! The outfit that I find hottest on men is a coat and tie, but with the tie loosened and the collar button undone. At no point, in the whole history of my life, did I ever think: He did that to turn me on.

      • Alle

        Me neither, ever, in my life, even when the man in question is the man I am actually banging (maybe not at that exact moment, but you know). At most I would think “Man, he’s got good style.”

        So basically, we–you and I and probably most women, really–don’t think that the world revolves around our respective clits. We recognise that men don’t exist solely as things to arouse and bang us, and that they have motivations for what they wear other than making us moist. It can’t be such a hard thing to understand!

      • Lastango

        You got it right – the real reasons for the loose tie include:

        - he’s walking somewhere, and if he keeps the tie and collar done up he’ll break a sweat that will leave him damp and uncomfortable (that happens quick). He’ll close the collar and snug up the tie when he gets there.

        - the day hasn’t started yet.

        - the day is over. But he’s not far enough away from the office to take the damn thing off.

        - his shirt collar shrunk, or he bought it too small. After a while, it gets uncomfortable.

        - he’s in direct sunlight.

        …but, if he walks around like that all day he’s an unprofessional bum. Find a different jacket-and-tie-wearing guy to chat up!

      • Dru Down

        its not about our boners……….Its about respect. Do you want men thinking that way about your 14 year old daughter? With yoga pants, you don’t leave much to the imagination. What about the men who don’t want to see your fat nasty cottage cheese legs?

      • Alle

        Oh Dru, your sweet words ring like cathedral bells in my ears. Such delicacy of sentiment! Such passion! You have pierced my heart with Cupid’s lance, fair Dru, and now my affection is yours forevermore. Speak again, my angel! Speak again, and let us never be parted as long as we both shall live!

      • Commoner_Sense

        Funny… I could have said the same thing about your reply to Porkchop. “…the man I am actually banging…”
        “…revolves around our respective clits…”
        “…things to arouse and bang us…”
        “…other than making us moist…”

        Really, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to take Dru down a notch than you. Such diction! Such supernal delicacy of sentiment! Honestly, how could Dru have sullied such an elevated, refined conversation with his crass expressions of low sentiments?

        Conversations work just like rainwater. If they start in the gutter, they will end in the sewer.

        I don’t get the whole premise of Ms. Wright’s complaint. For starters, she’s giving a seemingly serious critique of a piece that was obviously tongue-in-cheek. Furthermore, she protests that her motives for wearing yoga pants while doing actual yoga shouldn’t be questioned, but that’s a specific exemption that he listed to begin with: “…outside of the gym or the yoga classes…”

        She then goes on to say that if she were a man, she would wear a tuxedo every day. Why? Because she knows that women find them attractive. Isn’t that what he was saying… that he suspects some women wear yoga pants (outside of the appropriate contexts for them) BECAUSE they know men find them attractive?

        As a certain other commenter eloquently stated above, “It can’t be such a hard thing to understand!”

      • Alle

        Oh, my sweet darling. How I pine, how I ache for you! Surely my beloved Dru will understand that my affection alights on thee now, like a bird upon the finest tree branch.

        But seriously, can we talk about the fact that guys are coming here specifically to tell us that women really ARE wearing yoga pants to turn them on (but also they’re mad about it? Wha?), despite the many women who are straight up telling them that they are not? Guys! Believing things doesn’t necessarily make them true!

        For example, I’d like to believe that Ryan Gosling wore a red shirt that one time because my favourite colour is red. But reality–which is where I live, and there is plenty of room for everyone–compels me to admit that, no, he probably just picked up that shirt and liked it that day. Maybe he recognised that he looked good in red, maybe he then had a fleeting thought that certain studies have shown that women prefer red to other colours by a slight but statistically significant margin. However, that probably wasn’t the deciding factor. Ultimately he wore it because it was there, it covered his torso (rendering it appropriate in the eyes of society), and because he liked it. It had nothing to do with me, and what I like, at all.

        Learn from The Lesson Of Gosling, guys. And maybe instead of telling women why YOU THINK they’re doing what they’re doing, you actually listen to them when they explain why they’re doing it.

      • anonymous

        women never lie!

      • Brevity rules.

        See you next Tuesday, Alle.

      • Edward O’Shea

        Alle, you don’t understand, this is not a conscious decision. Men are wired for visual stimulation and sometimes, something like this would just fire off the primal neurons in a man’s head, rendering him mentally catatonic to logic. Actually, to go one step further, most men like the man in this article are not likely to get a boner from this, its in fact even deeper than that. Sexual imagery produces immediate sexual results (the boner). Sensual imagery, like yoga pants produces dilated eyes, rapid heartbeat, and a complete lack of intelligent though. Last thought for you, get off your high horse, like you were never visually stimulated in your life. If not, I fell sorry for you.

      • Alyssa

        Oh please do mansplain some more!

      • oldvlc

        I will mansplain for him, because I am an old old fardt that will never get a hot woman at this point. Uh we are ALL HERE because women turn men on. Otherwise you ladies would never get pregnant. Both sexes play this game.

      • CH1EF_QUEEF

        Alyssa – I’m a woman and everything he said is pretty much backed up by science. Unless you want to argue science is a repressive tool of the patriarchy or whatever.

      • antonino roca

        It is!

      • Douglas J. Bender

        When did this happen?

    • Tania

      My yoga pants are damn comfy! That’s why I wear them. I didn’t know they were such an obsession to so many men until I found out there is a subreddit dedicated to girls in yoga pants. It is probably named “girlsinyogapants,” actually.

      Sometimes reddit makes me sad.

      • Eileen

        That is the way of Reddit.

      • Tania

        True that. I like to balance out the pervasive and completely un-self-aware misogyny of its main subs with the occasional dip into it’s too-far-left-even-for-me feminist subreddits. And then I just look at pictures of animals (and never read the comments on those animals) and pretty hair and makeups.

    • Sarah Hollowell

      I’m wearing my yoga pants right now and I don’t even do yoga. They’re just comfortable as all fuck.

      • Big Poppa Pump

        A suit of armour might be more appropriate…..

      • Sarah Hollowell

        I have no idea how to even reply to that because huh?

      • oldvlc

        He means your yoga pants are wild sexy, and a suit of armour would keep the men away (if that is what you want…) —old man

      • CH1EF_QUEEF

        I’m torn on the whole yoga pants thing. I’m really into yoga and even teach classes, but I generally avoid wearing yoga pants except when I’m going to yoga (or around the house because my husband likes looking at my butt for some weird reason.) But “comfortable” is not my sole criterion for getting dressed in the morning, or else I’d never change out of my PJs. And something about yoga pants just seems sloppy to me, like throwing on sweatpants but with the added benefit of showing the general public the exact shape of your ass and cameltoe. It’s like trading physical comfort for mental discomfort to me.

      • Sarah Hollowell

        Admittedly, I’m in college. On campus, no one really gives a shit. It doesn’t bother me at all to go to the dining hall or class in yoga pants. I also have no problem walking around my boyfriend’s house in them.

        Of course, I also don’t have yoga pants that are particularly form-fitting. They’re looser. If I had ones that really show the definition of my ass, I’d probably be way less likely to wear them in public.

      • CH1EF_QUEEF

        Ohh, that makes sense. I’m doing a PhD and since I actually teach undergrads, it would make me really uncomfortable. But they are ubiquitous on campus. I will say I get tired of seeing all the unbrushed hair, hoodies, leggings and Ugg boots *everywhere*, especially since students I’ve taught in other countries have been much more chic. I sometimes want to shake them and say, “You’re 20 years old! You will never be physically hotter than you are right now! Brush your hair and put on some lipstick or something!” /old lady rant

      • Sarah Hollowell

        Okay yeah teaching undergrads in yoga pants would make me uncomfortable, too. Most days I like to put on cute clothes but man, some days are just yoga pant days.

      • Douglas J. Bender

        I always tell ladies that I’m interested in that I do not think that their asses define them.

    • Sabrina

      Cool, so now not only is trying to look nice to feel good bringing out men’s lustful qualities, but now also wearing comfy workout clothes is bringing them out. What’s a girl to do?

      • Douglas J. Bender

        Burqas. They’re all the rage in some communities.

    • Kay

      She might also not have any other kind of pants.

    • GA Latino

      Ok, ladies, so you all deny any knowledge whatsoever that skintight pants, regardless of their intended function, would turn men on. Now that you DO know, are you going to stop wearing them all of a sudden to do non-yoga things? Or is a little part of you going to secretly hope that hot guy at the grocery store is a fan of girlsinyogapants??? Thought so….

      • Ew dude seriously

        Wowwwww you’re a huge creep. Step on a lego barefoot.

      • Bob Ettinger

        That’s what I thought. The original author did say outside of yoga purposes. Women know exactly what they’re doing when they wear tight clothes that leave little to the imagination. Give me a break, ladies. You’re not that naive and neither are we. I can certainly say that when I leave the house to go out on anything more than errands with the thought I have dressed to look good just in case I run into the cute girl at the checkout counter or the pretty waitress I happen to run into. You ladies do the same. You seriously think we are going to believe you don’t look in the mirror before you leave the house and say, “Damn, I look good in these pants!” GA Latino had a point. You do the same things guys do. You’re just more subtle than we are.

    • Sunny

      Like the original author, I too believe that yoga pants are as smokn’ hot & sexy as just about any clothing a woman can wear in public. Unlike the author, I understand fully that they aren’t wearing them to look hot to me…and that just makes them even hotter. ;-)

    • Amanda

      Meh, I originally started wearing them because they made my ass look good, so I stocked up on them. Now that I just had my appendix out, though, I’m completely thankful for their stretchiness and comfort while I’m healing.

    • habawaba

      Is everyone seriously just ignoring the writer’s part about “outside of the gym or the yoga classes”? I mean, I agree that women generally don’t wear yoga pants to turn guys on, but saying that women wear them to do yoga is completely beside the point.

    • James Boguszewski

      ok I like yoga pants but only if you have the body

      too many wear those that need to be arrested by the fashion police

    • Mike B

      It doesn’t take much to turn us (men) on so enjoy the compliment. And I agree 100% – I can’t take my eyes off of your butt when you’re wearing those pants. I LOVE THEM!!!

      • best_in_show

        GOOD for you, Mike. But (no pun intended here), I guess us guys will have to whip ourselves with an aspen (sorry) branch for all the disgusting and male-like feelings we get from a great bun. Don’t you know that we are the cause of every bad thing in this world…bad meaning honest attraction to a woman’s shape. Don’t you know that every thought we think and feel is the same as RAPE? Somehow I don’t see the women who are attractive running home to put on baggy clothing. The intelligent AND attractive women don’t interpret every appreciative glance from a guy as a LEER.

    • Christian Shepherd


    • 2_old_for_this_site

      Women ALREADY know this. It’s why they wear them as pants

    • Armed Citizen

      Well it totally depends on the fitness of the woman wearing said yoga pants….if she looks like 20 pounds of do do stuffed into a 5 pound bag then I am repulsed….however if she looks like the pictures I recently saw of Maria Menudos in yoga pants then I am turned on to the point of boner time……she was bending down without bending her knees and it was just absolutely erotic (boner time)…..she wasn’t going to a yoga session either…..again if Rosie O’Donnell is wearing them I would probably vomit……but Jennifer Aniston or Maria Menudos wearing them….yes I am very interested…….

    • Douglas J. Bender

      As for me, everything I wear is with the specific intention to drive women wild with lust. Apparently, though, this has yet to be successful. But I shall persevere — extremely tight flare-bottom jeans are next on my list to try. Wish me luck.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Maybe you should try a pair of… Yoga pants.

      • Douglas J. Bender

        Hey, I may be desperate, but I’m no sadist.

      • CH1EF_QUEEF

        Try a leopard print thong stuffed with a toilet paper tube, I’ve heard it drives the ladies sex-mad.

    • uznsa13

      Not saying all women wear yoga pants to turn men on. Not even saying the girl I saw on the University of Arizona campus the other day, who was wearing slightly see-through yoga pants with a black thong, was wearing them to turn men on. But saying that if a woman is wearing yoga pants, she’s probably intending to do yoga? Ridiculous.

    • duderonomy

      There are to many girls wearing tight clothes these days. I cannot even look at thier faces anymore becuase there pants are so tight I can see it all, or thier shirts are so low I can see it all. I wish girls had more class and were not so shallow as to think
      less is more when it comes to clothes.

    • Zoe Harrison

      Yeah, all these women and girls wearing yoga pants around town are doing yoga. Just like all guys wearing Air Jordans are playing basketball.

    • didi

      All these women going round in pole dancin’ slut garb and you’re talking about yoga pants?

    • Ron Gardner

      Oh please. You’re equating yoga pants with tuxedos and flannel, ffs?

    • Terance Schmidt

      Sorry, but yes, we totally dress that way in the hope that we’ll drive you wild with lust. ;)

      When we buy a nice suit, we buy the one that we think women will think makes us look powerful and hence attractive. When we buy flannel shirts, we look for ones that are soft yet manly in the ways that will make women want to touch it. When we buy a leather jacket, we’re looking for the one that makes us look like the bad-boy that women are attracted to. We want you to imagine yourself riding on the back of our motorcycle down the California shore, holding on tight to our firm bodies clad in that leather jacket.

      When a woman compliments us on an outfit we’re wearing, we go home and we staple that outfit together. Making you want us is the primary reason that men own more than one set of clothes.

      Now, you can call us pigs if you like, but really, it’s evolution. The male peacock didn’t evolve all those feathers because he liked the way it made him feel. :)

      Now I’m being perhaps a bit hyperbolic, but the thought that we just randomly pick stuff off the rack with no thought as to what effect it might have on you, eh, maybe that thought needs a bit of hyperbole for balance.

    • Louis Gonzales

      I sometimes stare a tad too long at women with yoga pants. I don’t know why, yet there’s just some thing about yoga pants that really “intrigues” me.

    • Darvenne

      For all apparent reason women use to wear the pants with bling names on them, and now the Yoga pants are the new variety.Of course women need attention and so they wear them .nuff said.

    • Darvenne

      Its Fashion get it ! .How many women wore sweats for years ,and they never saw a inside of a gym?.For all apparent reason its the same scenario ..They go to Yoga?..please !!.

    • Seriously love yogas

      “Seriously. She is probably dressed that way because she just wants to do some yoga.”

      Seriously not likely. I know many girls who wear yoga pants. Of them all, only one actually does any yoga.

    • Luke Solo

      Without the boner there’d be no one in the world to tell. Nor any you, dudette.

    • SomeDude

      Men and women are very different when it comes to sex. Men are very visual. Women think that they are but are not. If you were, then the banana hammock would turn you all on. What if a dude walked into a supermarket wearing one of them? What would women think? My bet is that they would say “Gross” or “Disgusting”. Maybe that’s why (with the exception of Chipendales) there really aren’t strip clubs for women?


      could have used a bigger ass for the picture!

    • msnyc10

      I don’t know what guy wrote that but I HATE Yoga pants. First of all there is hardly a woman alive who can pull it off and look hot, second of all there is nothing sexy, feminine or stylish about it. Not leaving anything to the imagination is not hot. I’ll take a nice summer sun dress and flats any day of the week.

    • Stephen Updegraff

      there is a web site dedicated to yoga pants…on shapely gals

    • Jes

      Here’s the quote from the guy:
      “However, I have a hard time believing that — outside of the gym or the yoga classes — women wear yoga pants solely for comfort.”

      And the author immediately follows it by saying
      “You know, I just find it hard to do pilates in floppy pants…. That’s why I wear yoga pants. To do yoga stuff in.”

      Does she not even read the things she’s quoting?

    • Ellis Marcelle

      The picture is NOT doing yoga pants ANY justice. Is that a 7 year old??? Where’s the curves??? I do like yoga pants, but not all yoga pants are created equal!!! LOL

    • Teddy Roosevelt

      huh… not getting this, and im a man…What makes this different from any other tight fitting pants/shorts?

    • Andrea

      I have to laugh at the fact that “yoga pants” have a much more positive connotation than leggings…. and they are pretty much the exact same thing.

    • daddyksinger

      I must say, as a heterosexual male, I LOVE women in these pants. Even if they may not have the most flattering bod, these things make women sexy as hell.

    • Cherylish1

      wearing anything turns a man on, wearing nothing turns a man on, ink on a magazine turns a man on, wearing his shirt turns a man on- do you get the theme now?

      • Rug Ratz

        that reply is such a turn-on … ;-)

    • Matt Malkow

      I’m a guy and I wear yoga pants to drive women wild with lust.

    • Kurt

      “But then, you do not assume men are wearing any of those things* specifically to drive you wild with lust, and the same really shouldn’t be assumed about a woman in yoga pants.”
      (*tuxedo, leather vest, flannel, …)

      Except you would. If I saw a guy wearing a tuxedo while doing something like shopping, it wouldn’t seem unlikely he just did it cause girls would think he looked hot. I mean grocery shopping ain’t no fancy business!
      The same with leather, somebody could definitely say he’s just wearing it ‘to look cool and sexy for the ladies’.

      Sometimes people wear clothes for purely functional purposes and sometimes people wear clothes because they think they, get this, actually /look good in them/. What!? That’s crazy.

      I agree that suggesting looking attractive is the only reason to wear them is stupid, but I also think it’s stupid to think there aren’t woman who don’t realize they look great and wear it to look good. I mean have you seen the photo? Phew.
      And I’d say the same /is/ true the other way around, maybe (seemingly) less. The approach to men looking hot in a tuxedo and woman looking hot in yoga pants really is the same thing. The only real difference is still the same old different view of male attractiveness/sexuality vs. female that both this and the original article have.

    • JoeSchmoe50

      See, here’s the thing. Yoga pants, like low-cut tops, leave very little–very little to the imagination. And like it or not, no matter whom you may think you are dressing for, everyone sees you. And thinks about you, in one way or another. That’s a fact, not an excuse for ogling or a right-wing justification for dressing in a “suit of armor.” Whatever you think the message is you’re sending out, many will get quite another message. Again, just fact, not a reason to take up sides. A female friend sports several strands of colored beads from her rear view mirror. I asked what message she intended. “That I’m fun and flirty!” I told her most males, were they to be honest, simply see this message, “I will show you my boobs if you ply me with alcohol.” And from seeing your boobs far too many need not rationalize all that much harder to date rape you. Just an uncomfortable fact of life. Not right, not fair, just true.
      So enjoy your yoga pants. But stop pretending there are no unintended consequences just because you’d prefer not to think about it.

    • Brandon Scott

      love that moment giving the girlfriend yoga pants for christmas in front of her parents and mouthing to her father “you know why”

      • CH1EF_QUEEF

        Yeeeah, that didn’t happen.

    • Joshua Farmer

      To the women replying here that they wear yoga pants because they’re comfortable, I give you these stats: tight pants cause yeast infections along with displaying an outline of all your junk….you’d be a fool to NOT know men liked that. I remember being in middle school, not less than 12 years ago, and dress codes of shorts to the mid thigh and skirts below that were appropriate. Now, it’s basically; show me your boobs through that sheer shirt and everything else because it’s okay to have sex whenever you want and whatever age…makes me think of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • effjay4

      Women wear yoga pants to the grocery store because they have a nice ass and want to show it off, period. Nothing wrong with that.

    • exseattlite

      camel toe => fantastic

    • YogapantsGirl

      I’m gonna be completely honestly unlike many of these females. So you want to know why I wear yoga pants? Well lets say I wake up in the morning and slip a pair on. The first things that runs through my head when I look into the mirror is dam I look good. And that gentlemen is the furst reason. Second is that no girl is lying to you when she says they are comfortable as hell. They just are, and they make me feel alot better about myself than wearing baggy sweatpants and generally look so much less sloppy. I love how light weight they feel and I feel neat and pit together. Third reasoning is that they go with almost any type of athletic shoe, and honestly I hate pairing athletic shoes with any form of jeans, although I would with shorts but that’s not an option in the winter|fall. I do realize that it attracts men and in all honesty I did not originally purchase them to soley attract guys. They may not be a fashion piece but they look good if you’re having that “casual” day.

    • YogapantsGirl

      I realize all my grammar and spelling mistakes in my last post. But in my defense I’m using a small phone screen..sorry guys

    • ToAllYouJudgmentalIdiots

      Perhaps you, like many others in America, have discovered the magic of yoga pants. But the question is…why are they so great? Why does everyone wear them? Well, I’m here to inform you that there are several reasons why these magnificent soft pants are in such high demand.

      First of all, and most obviously, Americans love yoga. We all have such busy, bustling lives, and we all like the idea of doing a sport that allows us to find our inner peace. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way bashing yoga. I can certainly appreciate the need for a chance to slow the world down, even if it’s only for an hour. And every time I do, I wear yoga pants. After all, they’re pants specifically designed for the exercise, and they come in fun colors, so who wouldn’t want to wear them to class?

      The second great thing about yoga pants is that you can wear them to places OTHER than yoga class. It’s incredible. The truth is, Americans love wearing sweatpants, or just lounge-wear in general, but can’t always do so because others may view this as “trashy.” This is where yoga pants come in. Not only are yoga pants equally as comfortable as sweatpants, but they’re also classy. You can wear yoga pants out to the grocery store without looking like you just rolled out of bed, even if you did, in fact, just roll out of bed. It’s a new up and coming beauty trick. You can wear the equivalent of pajama pants, but still be looked at with the utmost respect. I wear yoga pants to school, to the mall…I even wear them to work, and everyone accepts them as if they were slacks. It’s beautiful.

      Another benefit? Yoga pants are inexpensive. In all honesty, the most popular fashion trends aren’t always the cheapest, like Ugg boots or Coach purses, so this one is worth taking advantage of. I’ve often found myself in a dilemma over spending money to look awesome, or taking the less expensive way out and looking a little less fresh. The great thing about yoga pants is that you will never have that problem. Even the most expensive brands of yoga pants are somewhere around fifty dollars, which in my book isn’t so unreasonable. If you think about it, most jeans cost more than that, and you can’t even wear those to work. Yoga pants are like the double whammy: they aren’t pricey, and you’ll probably get more use out of them than any other pair of pants you own.

      One other thing that I have to point out about yoga pants is their ability to be unbelievably flattering while still maintaining the utmost comfort. Who would have imagined that someone would invent a piece of clothing that had all the features of sweatpants, but could still make a girl’s butt look so good? I love the thought that on my absolute worst day when I go to Wal-Mart for Ben and Jerry’s and donuts, my butt will still look sensational. (This gives me a sneaking suspicion that yoga pants were designed by a man, so that all men could reap the benefits and enjoy the view.) Now, instead of people judging me for walking around in my most disgusting, ripped, ten-year-old, Costco-brand sweatpants, I can put on yoga pants and be looked at with admiration.

    • Bender

      Leggings are not pants. Wishful thinking on the part of the author, but they’re not a mainstream lust item; they are unflattering and leave nothing to the imagination.

    • W Davis


    • VB

      I love love love love love seeing women in Yogapants. Nothing sexier. Period.

    • Radiobemba Gonzales

      A few days ago I ran into a lady at the store
      wearing a pair of very tight yoga pants. They were so tight that her butt
      cheeks were exposed leaving very little to my imagination. Obviously I wanted
      to get close and we talked for a long time sometimes she would turn away flirtatiously
      as if wanting me to appreciate the back of her. But it’s what she did when
      she faced me that really blew me away. She faced me head on and crossed her
      legs exposing the full shape of the front part of herself under the very tight pants. I am sure she knew damn well what she was doing.

    • SpecialT

      First of all Yoga Pants should be worn at home or the gym not everyday use. Its ridiculous. I would not want my daughter wearing those pants, at least leave something to the imagination. Cover yourself with a cute shirt or something. Some people should not be wearing them at all period.

    • disqus_FENrzGOKJi

      Well, women DO wear yoga pants at other occasions than when doing yoga (or going to/from a place where said activity is performed). Personally, I have no problem with it, au contraire! However, do not act offended when you catch me checking out the goods on display. Whether you realize it or not, most women who consider themselves average (i.e. not grossly overweight and not anorexic) look pretty good in yoga pants and therefore warrants at the very minimum a cursory look. At least to this straight warm blooded male. Yes, my mind is in the gutter but I can live with that and as long as I keep my lewd commentary to myself, so should you. And women, if you don’t want men to check out your butts, don’t wear yoga pants unless you’re actually doing yoga. I only wear a tux to formal parties but feel free to check me out when I do… I will NOT be offended. Oh, and on a side note: Sorry to burst your bubble Alle, it IS all about our boners (both metaphorically and physically, it’s why we bother trying to understand you at all). ;-)