Fashion Disasters: Selena Gomez Needs A New Suit (Any Other Suit)

Selena Gomez Spring Breakers premiere

Selena Gomez is hitting lots of red carpets lately, promoting her new film Spring Breakers, which is otherwise known as “the one where James Franco is a drug dealer and some dark shit happens because this is a Harmony Korine movie and then Skrillex plays and it’s all very zeitgeisty.”

Anyway! This is giving Selena Gomez a lot of opportunities to wear sparkly, gaudy, statement-making things that starlets of her station are wont to wear. For example, before last night, her most recent appearance involved one of those frilly neck ornament Gucci things.

This, however. This is different:


This is Gomez at last night’s Spring Breakers premiere in Berlin. The suit is Atelier Versace and has to be one of the ugliest things we’ve seen on the red carpet in a while.

…In our defense, we are usually so relentlessly biased toward women in pantsuits on the red carpet that we blindly like it every time it happens (what? you think online fashion criticism is objective?).

But this? It’s bad enough whenever some lady wears a skintight pantsuit as if it’s a cheesy plunging neck–MENSWEAR! IT CAN BE SEXY–but the gold piping and embellished gold shoulder take this into early ’00s Express territory. Pretty sure we even owned a black blazer with glittery pinstripes on it. So it deserves a place in our gallery.

Now, since we all agree this is a very, very ugly thing to wear, if we were to ask you, “Can you guess the only thing that would possibly make this uglier?” what would you say?

Take a moment.

Think about it.

Because the answer is obvious:

Selena Gomaz Spring Breakers premiere

Of fucking course it’s backless.

(Photos via Wenn)

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    • Cee

      This one truly looks like she stole from Justin Bieber’s closet and cut the back just to piss him off, kinda like the Barbie and Ken scene on Toy Story 3.

      I’m partial to women in suits. I have a very weak spot for androgynous women and even when I see a very feminine woman like Selena wear it so obnoxiously, as you say, I can’t help it but find it very hot. Though liking/finding Selena very hot makes me feel like a very dirty lezzie.

    • Mems

      is that a price tag on her shoe?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mems

      Is that a pice tag on her shoe?????? !!!!!!!!!!!

    • jesscota

      okay, the back is a straight mess… but i’m not gonna lie… i kinda dig the michael jackson-ish (rip) vibe of this get up.