Wed Bed Dead: Can You F*ck Casper If He’s Non-Corporeal? And Other Questions About Ghosts

Hello there, Gloss fans! Welcome to this week’s episode of our our excellent web series Wed Bed Dead, in which editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff must decide the potentially very sexy fate of three chosen gentlemen (and occasionally ladies). The show is a live action spin-off of their longrunning and delightful games of Fuck Marry Kill here on The Gloss.

This week, they’re discussing famous ghosts (apropos of nothing): Beetlejuice, Casper and the titular ghost from Ghost played by Patrick Swayze. What, they wonder, would a marriage to Beetlejuice be like–could Ashley’s goth inclinations overcome those hideous teeth? Moreover, could Jennifer’s desire for a cute butler be fulfilled by responsible, dependable Casper?

Also, can you fuck Casper? Does he have a body?

…Isn’t he a child?

Tune in every Wednesday at 1:00 for new episodes of Wed Bed Dead… and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Seriously. Don’t forget.


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    • Sean

      My god, this one was even more disturbing than the Star Wars one.

      Beetlejuice is (intentionally) disgusting. He’s the pot-bellied, greasy man at a skeezy bar that hits on you when he’s sober and then does it again after 9 drinks. He’s that guy after he’s been dead for 50 years. I can’t imagine him being considered for anything more than kill. Eww.

      Casper…well, Casper is the ghost of a small boy and this is just awkward.

      Sam is the ghost of Patrick Swayze, which in itself would be awesome, but he gains corporeality (?) by possessing Whoopi Goldberg. If she floats your boat, then well, there ya go.

      I don’t know…there was no real win here with any of the options.

    • Ginny

      You guys have really, really good chemistry.