Will Jodi Arias’ Mousey Makoever Make Her Less Likely To Be Convicted Of Murder?


If you’ve been following the news, you know that Jodi Arias is a young woman who is currently on trial for the murder of her on again, off again boyfriend, Travis Alexander. It is fascinating in the way that most murder trials are fascinating, in that it makes you wonder who is lying and who is telling the truth, and, if she is guilty, what could lead a woman to stab her boyfriend 27 times, slit his throat, and shoot him. It also reminds me how inadequate the criminal justice system is to reckon with the actions of a woman who, due to abuse, genetics, or other factors, was troubled enough to kill another human being in such a fashion. (She has admitted to killing Alexander, but says it was in self-defense, so “best case scenario,” she is a victim of horrible abuse.)

The details of the case are complicated and worth reading about if you are interested in dark, depressing things, but what I want to talk about right now is the way her appearance has drastically changed from when she was dating Alexander.

As you can see from the above still, Arias is dressed conservatively for court, with brown hair, wispy, awkward bangs, and nerdy glasses. This is a pretty big departure from how she looked a few years ago:


It seems to me that Arias’ appearance is an intentional move on the part of her defense team to try to make her seem more sympathetic and less threatening to jurors. Was this a move based in logic?

Of course it was. Although conventionally attractive people are not actually any more likely to be murderers than “mousey” looking ones, people absolutely judge others for their fashion and beauty choices before learning anything about them. Here’s study (one of many) in which people judged women with “glamorous” makeup to be less trustworthy than their “naturally” made up and non made up counterparts. And just think about all the beautiful-but-deadly “black widow” types we see on TV. And all of the people who convicted Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox in their minds because they were “hot.” This shit is real.

Of course, whether or not the jury actually likes her better as a result of the makeover remains to be seen. There’s a chance it could backfire and be seen as a cheap ploy. But for now, it seems like the reverse makeover was a smart move.

Photos: Youtube still, JodiAriasIsInnocent.com

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    • Trish

      The man who was murdered is (wait for it) my friend’s boyfriend’s brother’s friend. She’s been posting about it on FB, and apparently my friend was with the brother’s friend when they heard the guy had been killed and the first thing the friend said was, I bet Jodi did it.

      • Lori Nicole Peck

        Why is this hearsay relevant?

      • iamthegreatcornholio

        This one time at band camp my aunt’s co-worker’s daughter’s boyfriend’s father’s mistress’s doorman saw monkeys fly out of the friend of a friend of a friend’s ass.

    • Jules

      Or she could be an inmate in a jail so she has to wear glasses provided by them and deal with the haircuts provided to her. Prisoner contacts and stylish haircuts aren’t high on Sheriff Joe’s list of priorities, ya know.

    • Fabel

      What Jules says makes sense, but yeah—my first impression watching the media coverage of this was that the drastic change in look was a deliberate defense move. I agree that it could make her more sympathetic to the jury, but for me personally (seeing the images back-to-back), I had kind of an “Oh, come on” reaction. It just seems like a very…obvious…”cheap ploy”, yeah.

    • Maggie

      I don’t know if you’ve read about the Karla Homolka case at all (if you’re in to dark and depressing, check it out!), but a similar situation happened with her. She was/is tall, blonde, and very good-looking, but when she was on trial for assisting her husband with his rapes & murders, she wore no makeup, had glasses, and made a point of rubbing her eyes constantly so they’d appear red. Homolka was classified as a narcissist, Jodi Arias fits the same criteria, and textbook narcissists use their looks for gain and to manipulate others. Therefore, it’s extremely possible, and highly likely, that Arias’ makeover was intentional.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jan-Marra/1139453450 Jan Marra

      She doesn’t achieve being a blonde. You always know her hair is bleached. There’s something false about her whole presentation.

    • Izchess90

      Ever think maybe we need to start killing men? They rape spit on and torture us, and make us think our only value is our looks.. I’m happy that Travis is gone.

      • justansweringpsychobitch

        holy crap.. you need help…

      • Izchess90

        Holy crap, you’re a faggot

      • Michael, Esq.

        Hilarious comeback!! I love it!

    • fatcat3543

      I thought the opposite. I thought it was a mistake to have Jodi Arias look so mousey. It is my belief that the defense should have dressed her up to look like she could have anyone she wanted and NOT that she was desperately still hanging on to Travis Alexander.

    • Skee

      I think we need to put this story in the right perspective, Jodi Arias is an admitted Killer.

      It’s is mere coincidence that she happens to be female, she happens to be American, she happens to be from the state of Arizona, and to the point of this article……..She happens to be attractive, if we focus soley on the fact that she’s attractive, then ofcourse any man would be taken back by her beauty, very good looking to any man…..

      However keeping things in the proper perspective, she’s a vicious cold blooded killer that doesn’t deserve to be walking amongst civilized fellow americans.