Michelle Obama And Jimmy Fallon Dance Like Your Mom, Teach You To Do The Same

the evolution of mom dancingTonight Michelle Obama will make her second appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. If you missed the first time Michelle and Jimmy got together, then you missed a lot. The First Lady kicked Jimmy’s ass as she showed him exactly how one properly exercises — all part of the “Let’s Move!” campaign. This time around the two give us all a lesson in “The Evolution of Mom Dancing,” and it’s dazzling!

Jimmy and the show were so excited about the video you’re about to see, that they even leaked it a few hours before the show will be airing this evening at 1235 EST. (We can thank my Facebook friends, the 300 and something of them, who posted the video in the last 20 minutes for getting this to you now. You’d think it was the greatest thing since Barack Obama‘s second election win — oh, wait! It is!)

Despite such moves as “Where’s Your Father? (Get Him Back Here!)” and “Out Of Sync Electric Slide,” our beloved Jimmy Fallon, actually doesn’t crack up mid-skit. High-five, Jimmy! Although he pulls it off in that category, Michelle, yet again, kicks his ass with the move, “The Dougie.”

Watch and learn, lovelies. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to kill your mom on the dance floor with her own moves she’s been pulling for years.


Photo: YouTube

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    • Tania

      Regardless of anything else anyone might say about the president and his first lady, they are some pretty darn charismatic people.

      • Amanda Chatel

        They’re the best! I love those two… and Jimmy of course, too.