Are The Jennifer Lawrence Dior Ads A Boring Letdown?


Newly beloved actress Jennifer Lawrence has gradually grown on me. At first, I thought she was a bit annoying. Then, I found her awkward weirdness to be lovable. Now, I think she and I would get along fairly well IRL and she has one of the more fun personalities of any actress presently in the spotlight. And that is why these Dior ads are somewhat of a bummer: her personhood does not shine through at all. She seems cold, blank and to be frank, kind of boring.

In the ads, presented by Women’s Wear Daily, Lawrence surely looks beautiful and full of grace. Her complexion is fantastic, her makeup is excellent and her neck is like, really really really long. As she wears styles from Miss Dior’s ready-to-wear spring collection by Raf Simons, she looks excellent. But also boring.



The campaign, shot by Willy Vanderperre, is pretty but falls short of showing any of the sort of charming sweetness that the public has come to love about Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, she sort of just looks like a stiff doll. When it comes to a brand as delightful as Miss Dior, you would think that the creative team would want to play up her more enticing qualities.


But what do you guys think: is this a perfectly perfect campaign or could it use some tweaking before furthering itself?

Photos: Dior via WWD.

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    • Candace

      She’s not a great model. She looks so awkward just getting her picture taken on the red carpet, I can’t even imagine what she’s like in the studio.

      Not at all a criticism. She’s a great actress. It’s just to bad she’s expected to model on the side.

    • Jon

      it should be more edgy (read: naked) considering her age.

    • Just sayin

      Dior is stiff, historically stiff.

    • Alan

      She looks vacant and completely unremarkable, not to mention they’ve whittled her body down so much with photoshop that she looks like a bobble-head. Fail.