15 Questions You Need Answered Before You Get Married

Before he pops the question, you should really asks yours. It’s important for you to answer all the tough questions before you drop your life savings on a diamond, a party, and a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Start with the easy ones! How many kids do you want? Which religion would they practice? Where will you all live? What if you become a zombie?
It doesn’t seem romantic, but it can be. After all: if you don’t discuss the future, how will you know if you want to spend yours together? Ask the questions now to make sure you are on the same page later — it will make those vows a heck of a lot easier to keep!

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    • Fabel

      My S/O & I have definitely (& only…) had the “haunting each other if one of us dies” talk. Priorities!

    • helen

      What about cheating? Can I cheat on my husband with a zombie?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GYEXVXDBX4APIEKVP55YEPPQW4 X

      How many men or women did you sleep with before me – are you still seeing any of them – are still having sex with any of them – your would be surprised how many married couples still see their ex’s for not just coffee!

      • Kate

        I don’t think it’s great to have the “how many people did you sleep with before me” talk, but then again, it’s about finding someone with similar values. So, since my number isn’t super low, I just don’t really care about my partner’s number as long as I see a clean STD screen. Also had problems in one of my serious relationships because we DID have that talk, and my number was higher than his. Some men cannot deal with that. I DO agree that it’s pretty important to figure out what their relationships with their exes are like. It’s a good sign if they’re friendly…but let’s be honest– wouldn’t we all prefer that they don’t really talk anymore?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/SirWinstoneChurchill Winston Blake

        Monogamy is a hackneyed tenet of religion.