Naomi Watts Is Not Thrilled That Seth MacFarlane Saw Her Boobs In This GIF

Just take a moment to really enjoy this GIF of Naomi Watts responding to Seth McFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” Oscar 2013 Song. Enjoy it, because I think every woman felt kind of uncomfortable during that song, or maybe it was just Naomi Watts, and me. Maybe those two people felt uncomfortable. Also, I wish the Oscars could just be all splashy 1930′s movie numbers all the time, because, like William Shatner, I want them to “keep it classy.” And I am your 96 year old grandmother who does not understand why the kids just aren’t dancing in tuxedos all the time anymore. Here is the GIF, let’s re-open The Stork Club after watching it:

UPDATE: The song was pre-recorded, and I can’t remember what stars were wearing. However, it remains a dumb song.

Naomi Watts Seth McFarlane

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    • Bttl

      You know that was pre recorded right? Naomi watts was in on it.

      • dfg

        yes.. live..

      • Val20

        All the reactions were pre recorded as well… They were all wearing different dresses.

      • Cori

        Hmm.. I think you’re on to something with the dresses. Although could it be reaction footage from another awards show?

      • Val20

        Maybe… But all three reactions seemed “acted”… And I couldn’t recognize the people around them… (Not that I know everyone in Hollywood!) Here’s a link to the song for further investigation!

      • Cori

        If they used an image of them reacting to something else entirely, the reactions wouldn’t come across genuine. I just feel that I’ve seen Jennifer & Charlize in similar dresses on other red carpets. Also, the people sitting next to them could always be seat fillers, someone’s +1 or even set designers. I’m sorry if this is too much, but I’ve been thinking about this and honestly don’t really have a ton else to think about tonight. I wonder if anyone will say anything one way or another.

    • manboobs

      lol look at ice cube next to her!

      • Guest


    • pmeg

      Duh…You missed the whole joke. Quality reporting.

    • Cori

      You need the Charlize gif as well, she looks much less thrilled.

    • Jo

      Wow this is some very stupid misinformation. Do your research before posting. In fact, you probably should take this post down. This gif is part of the pre-recorded video shown as a joke of the boob song. I feel embarrassed for you.

      • Cori

        This was posted almost immediately after the song, no time for research.

      • Jo

        So the person who wrote this post didn’t actually watch the oscars? How could you watch a skit and not know it’s skit? You don’t need to do research to know the movie you are watching is not real life. This is so disappointing.

    • Debbie Bashford

      Nice try but it was pre recorded because last night she was wearing a silver gown with her hair up

    • Patsy

      I love Seth MacFarlane!!!! He is so funny. This was the first time i didn’t fall asleep before it was over. Funniest part was joke about Chris brown and Ri having a date movie. Loved boobs song. Almost cried i laughed so hard.