Miss Delaware Teen USA Resigns In Wake Of Pornography Scandal (Now With Class Analysis!)

Melissa King has reportedly resigned from her post as Miss Delaware Teen USA after a pornographic video allegedly featuring her surfaced on the internet. How scandalous.

According to Gawker, it all started when the gossip site received an anonymous tip with a link to a pornographic video that supposedly featured Miss King (do I need to tell you this link is NSFW?). There was a bit of back and forth, and pageant officials subsequently confirmed to various outlets that King had given up her crown, although King maintains that it was “absolutely not” her in the video. Hmm.

The video, which I watched so you don’t have to, features a freshly legal girl who looks a lot like King, says she does pageants, and has a March birthday, just like King does. She starts out by answering questions about her hott, barely legal teen sex life, then has several minutes of on camera sex with a man whose face is never shown before participating in the standard “money shot,” which she says is her favorite part of the experience. She says she decided to do the video for the crazy reason that she “needed the money.”

A foster kid from age 12-18, King has spoken in the past of her difficult childhood and has “given back” by volunteering for various charitable organizations, including ones that work with foster children. As of right now, she seems to be keeping her head up, retweeting various supportive statements from people and posting optimistic notes like this one:

“A year ago almost, I turned 18. I’m about to turn 19 and so much has changed for the better in my life in the past year… Nothing can bring me down:)”

Here is a class analysis of all this: Fuck Miss Teen USA and the bad toupee it rode in on. In what world should an underprivileged girl be penalized for choosing one (or rather, more than one, which seems to be the issue here) of a limited array of options presented to her by a patriarchal society? No one has any right to judge this girl who is not willing to fully fund her existence. And even then, it would seem a tad paternalistic. Isn’t it enough that the pageant’s part owner Donald Trump and his ilk use their money and influence to keep the majority of humanity in chains, without punishing them for the things they do to survive in those very same conditions? UNFAIR.

Here is a feminist analysis of all this: Fuck Miss Teen USA and its disgusting hypocrisy. They can dress it up as a “scholarship program” all they want, but at the end of the day, it might as well be called “May The Hottest Young Snatch Get To Go To College.” There’s a reason it has a bikini portion, and it’s not “confidence.” I mean, have you ever seen a fat girl win? Or anyone who is anything other than extremely conventionally attractive? To predicate a contest on a young woman’s fuckability, then act all shocked when that woman decides to use her fuckability to make some money doing actual porn, is the height of disingenuousness.

In conclusion: Melissa King seems like a bright young woman who will recover just fine from this scandal, and maybe come to a new understanding of some of the people who claim to “help” teen girls in the process. The Miss Teen USA pageant, on the other hand, is almost definitely going to hell when it dies.

(Via Gawker)

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    • Eileen

      See, when I clicked through I (naively) assumed the issue was a legal one and that it was amateur porn shot while she was underage. I really don’t see how tame porn like what you’re describing is any different than a beauty pageant: Pretty girl answers lame questions about herself then demonstrates her sexiness for money.

    • JennyWren

      Seems pretty hypocritical. Either it’s morally permissible to leverage sex appeal for monetary or material gain, or it’s not. I’m willing to listen to arguments on both sides of that, but Miss Teen USA doesn’t get to have it’s cake and eat it too.

      Also, how telling that the guy in that video never had to reveal his face. If his identity gets out, will he be denied scholarships or have his future career irreparably damaged? Somehow I doubt it.

    • Belisarius

      Land of the free and the home of the prude!

      So she enjoys sex get over it, the people that organize these so called pageants are the sick people. The world of pageantry is full of peadophiles, sexual favors and pshychological pressure that young people shouldn’t be exposed to instead of focusing your attention on those aspects you just can;t wait to destroy a young girls life because she likes sex something beautiful and natural.

    • anna

      poor thing. i watched it. she looked so uncomfortable the whole time. i wish she didn’t have to do it for money, fuck that paegent!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=745211302 Jmark Ma

        you’ve got to be kidding. these pageants and all the things they do for it takes thousands of dollars and there is a lot of money after they win at stake. not going to watch it. just another sleazy teen. she’s hardly poor.

    • anon

      Fair points perhaps, except for the part where she seems bright. Evil, no; but bright, based on what?

      • jamiepeck

        I read her bio and she sounded bright! Will add a link.

      • G

        I have no problem with her losing her crown. She probably had to sign contracts for the pageant or whatever that she had not participated in any sort of commercial video or photo shoots and I’m sure it also had a morality clause as those things tend to. It’s pretty obvious it’s her in the video. Why are you blasting everyone but her. You want to do porn because you don’t want to earn minimum wage, go for it, but don’t bitch when it’s found out and there are consequences. I hate when women play the victim for things they freely participated in and regretted doing later. I’d have much more respect for her if she just came out and said “Yes, it’s me, I wasn’t thinking and needed the money.” or even “So what MYOFB” If we want to be treated equally it’s time we own up to our own actions.

    • BULL

      seen it ..so wack. she messed up a good career for 5 minutes of penetration she didnt even look like she enjoyed…smh heres the link: http://www.hardsextube.com/video/960858/

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=745211302 Jmark Ma

      They should have a pageant that actually has a young girl that ISN’T in a sleazy video. That will take awhile.

      Whoever said pimpin aint easy has never been to a beauty pageant.

    • joe

      loved watching her get fucked..and she obviously has sucked dick before. yay internet

    • joe

      loved watching her take it! and suck it!

    • tom

      she is lovely

    • http://www.facebook.com/gaby.gabas Gaby Gabas

      Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King Sex Scandal XXX Porn Video 2013


    • http://twitter.com/SamiDan19 Sami Jankins

      Look, I was a pageant girl. I represented WI at the teen and miss level. What she took part in would not uphold the “moral” aspect of the contract. For instance, you can’t have an abortion at any point and still continue to be a pageant queen. I am disgusted at the response by others towards this young girl. Yes, she is still a girl. First, how would it be assumed that she has so much money? She was a foster child! She probably desperately needs money, and many of us young adults are fortunate to have parents as a somewhat safety net. I find the comments “I bet her parents are proud” on sites like TMZ to be reprehensible. This girl does not have parents to rely upon. She wasn’t adopted as a foster child, and probably moved from home to home. Also, remember, your family has to be very messed up to end up in foster care. I have adopted siblings who were originally foster kids – they were beat, locked in closets, with addict biological parents. Who knows… she could’ve been molested as a child and turned to the sex business due to that. It’s not an unlikely tale. All I’m saying is we don’t know what her life has been like up until now. If anything, I wish we as a society could have more concern for her instead of comments like “well, she’ll never get a job”. No one was harmed by what she did… in the meanwhile, people with DUIs who actually harm people just, I don’t know, carry on and keep being employable? (That was sarcasm.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MatthewMcVeagh Matthew McVeagh

      “it might as well be called “May The Hottest Young Snatch Get To Go To College.” … To predicate a contest on a young woman’s fuckability, then act all shocked when that woman decides to use her fuckability to make some money doing actual porn, is the height of disingenuousness.”

      Nicely put. :) Thanks

    • nobody

      Odd that the focus of the article is to hate the pageant for giving the young lady a scholarship, but not on the desperate nature that porn preys on.

    • missy Adams

      Please don’t judge this young girl. And rather than ogling for curiosity’s sake her porn picture, why don’t you leave her alone? She was young, in need of money and most probably was not guided. For those of you who have enough wisdom, guidance, good parents and a nice life, please don’t ride on her misfortune. You would not want to be in her situation.