The Worst Date Ideas People Always Seem To Think Will Be Awesome


“So…how ’bout that Eyes Wide Shut business?”

I have been on a lot of dates in my day, including a lot of really, really bad ones. Sometimes a person just say silly things — sometimes I am that person — and other times there just isn’t any chemistry. Once in a while, though, we both click, have excellent conversation and tons of potential for growth, but the setting is a terrible idea. Whether it was because the music was too loud for conversation or there were little theater kids flitting around all over the place, there are just some places that are no conducive to a fun evening. The photo above was taken when my ex and I went to an experimental theater performance shortly after we’d started dating for the second time. It was terrible. Really, really terrible. But more on that in the gallery.

Even the best company can be ruined by a bad circumstance, so as a warning to the rest of you single folk out there — as well as the non-single ones, actually, since some of my weirdest/worst date experiences were with partners — it is probably for the best that you avoid these arenas. Naturally, there are exceptions; some people truly enjoy doing these things together. I would recommend, however, that you only opt for these dates provided you already know you both will have a great time. Springing dinner theater on another human being without prior warning is basically a federal offense, so I suggest making sure you’re aware of any stipulations your date may have lest you be stuck making a shitty dates list of your own.

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    • CMJ

      Did you happen to read this? (Cringe):

      Also, I like to think that the experimental theatre thing worked out SO well in “She’s all That.”

    • Eileen

      Wow. My dates have always been the worst, unfortunately, because of something stupid like – as much as I liked the guy, and as GREAT a first date as I happen to think the symphony orchestra being led by a legendary guest conductor might be, I spent the whole time praying he didn’t try to kiss me. I should really try experimental dinner theatre. At least there’s an excuse, then, right?

    • MR

      Yeah, first date a long, long time ago in a decade far, far away. Her girlfriend invited us to go out dancing with her and a bunch of her friends, and we were the only ones that showed up. An Asian woman’s hair is most sexy when it’s very long in length.

    • Lo McDev

      Ugh…the dancing date…I had a guy take me on a first date to a ballroom dancing class. Cute in theory, but I grew up dancing in a pre-prof. ballet company and danced in college. He was not good. Also you have to switch partners. It was utterly awkward, particularly for a first date.

      Also, Dave&Busters. Look that sort of thing can be fun if you both like video games etc…, but I do not. Also we were both super competitive so it landed in frustration/resentment for both of us whenever the other won.