My History Told Entirely By Perfumes I Have Worn

Its been like this, pretty much.

Its been like this, pretty much.

Yep, I’ve worn some perfumes in my time. That’s for sure. I think I’m in a good place now, though, you guys. It’s take a really long time to get here, though.

Picture via every single billboard in the entire world when that ad first came out. I once wrote a short story about the woman in that ad when I was 15. The lady died in the end. All my characters died because I didn’t know what to do with them.

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    • Brianna

      Cool Water for women and Victoria’s Secret Love Spell body splash are scents I will always associate with high school. I swear every girl I knew, myself included, owned both. My favorite perfume of all time is Relaxing by Shiseido, unfortunately they no longer make it.

    • anna

      my grandmother was fairly high up in Chanel, and would send me chanel no. 5 products every year. for my 5th birthday she sent me a whole bottle of perfume, which i promptly dumped on my head. so i think i spent pretty much my whole childhood reeking of chanel. i was a classy child.
      i’ve switched to rose oil or clinque “happy” but i’ll always associate chanel with growing up!

      • caroline

        i was a snobby kid too! my mom always gave me her lancome growing up! my mom’s japanese so my favorite food was home made sushi, which everyone was grossed out by. i also like pate and cavair. no one wanted to swap lunches with me.

      • camille

        Oh god me too! i wouldn’t wear anything but Dior Miss Cherie for years and years. I made people buy it for me every year on my birthday. What a brat.

    • sabrina

      oh god i feel you on the christina perfume! i love “play it sexy” by playboy but i hide it everyday so no one will see.

    • Emilie

      I still wear the “very berry” scented oil I shoplifted when I was seventeen.
      It smells like candy and shame.

    • S.

      I love almost everything you write, and judging by Shelved Dolls you are one of the best people in the internet so don’t take personally what I am about to say.

      Here it is: You have such bad taste in perfume! You need to buy Chanel’s coco mademoiselle, or Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue, or Chanel no. 5 or Coco.

      Basically most things Chanel are nice (I know she was a horrid kind of person, but her perfume’s are nice). Ooh I also really like Dolce and Gabbana’s the one (but ONLY in rose–the original one is vile).

      • Jennifer Wright

        I took that extremely personally and am weeping now.

    • Eileen

      We drove back and forth between Canada and the US a lot when I was little, which means we stopped at the duty-free a lot. My little sister and I usually passed that time by smelling allllll the perfumes. To this day, the smell of quality perfume reminds me of being a little kid, playing with my sister, on a trip to see my family. Vanilla and essential oils smell incredibly pretty, but nothing makes me feel both as adult and as young and nostalgic as wearing a name-brand perfume.

    • Magda Nunez

      Since I was like 13 I’ve been exclusive with Lucky You by Lucky brand… I find it both light and fruity with out being over powering and it actually complements me very well so there’s not that whole issue of it smells good in the bottle but horrible on my skin.