Party Favors: How A Wound Heals

An incisive, thoughtful meditation on Hollywood and misogyny. -The Rumpus

Speaking of which: no conflict at work if you’re a lady. -Ladyish

“Why I Write About Body Image.” -HuffPost Women

The financial pros and cons of flash sale sites. -Money Crashers

A visual history of the vibrator. -Nerve

Ranking Oscars acceptance speeches from most to least sincere. -Ok Gorgeous

Women don’t talk “three times” as much as men. -DoubleX

But there is horse meat in Ikea meatballs! -The Stir

Fashion inspired by the weirdos of McDonaldLand. -The Hairpin

The cute celebrity children of Instagram. -Divine Caroline

Kelly Clarkson does not have nice things to say about Clive Davis. -YourTango

The importance of being precise. -Sadie

You can now find organ donors on Facebook. -The Frisky

What’s with frat parties having despicable themes? -Jezebel

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