Public Flogging Is How They Deal With Premarital Sex In The Maldives

A woman being flogged in the Maldives for "fornicating."

A woman being flogged in the Maldives for “fornicating.”

In today’s news that proves the world is fucked, a 15-year-old in the Maldives has been sentenced to public flogging for engaging in consensual sex before marriage. The teen, if this is not to be overturned by the Islamic judiciary system, will be flogged 100 times in a public place so other women will know that this is not appropriate behavior. But, according to the Maldives, what is appropriate behavior is flogging a woman for not only being sexual, but acting on it — god-fucking-forbid.

Flogging for such acts is not uncommon in the Maldives, but what is uncommon is the age of the girl, and because of this, there is pressure to wait until the girl is 18 years old before she is flogged. So, basically, we’re looking at a young woman being punished by flogging, publicly, three years after her “horrific” actions. Obviously, this makes sense; all of this makes perfect sense.

To add to this case, the girl had complained in the past about being sexually abused by two older men, one of whom happens to be her stepfather. Although there’s no confirmation on the punishment these two cretins received, if anything at all, the likelihood of them enduring any sort of public flogging is low. They are men; she is a woman, and therefore small and worthless.

If you happen to live in a part of the world where you’re allowed to own your sexuality and not be punished for it, this is your moment to be grateful. But while being grateful, make sure to consider the horrors that women in other places have to suffer at the hand of a patriarchy that has decided how they should act. It’s tragic and archaic, and sadly, it’s probably not going to change anytime soon.


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    • Maggie

      I hate, HATE, the implication that if she had premarital sex, it is her fault and the man gets no punishment. Ever heard the saying “it takes two to tango,” Maldives government? They should probably be reminded that we no longer live in the Middle Ages.

    • Cee

      Isn’t the Maldives some place where people go on vacation?

      It always infuriates me when I see a shitload of guys standing there when a woman is about to receive a punishment. Its like 1. they haven’t done shit themselves (where is the guy she supposedly fucked?) 2. who made them all judge? 3. like they’re sadistically getting off on watching these things happen to ladies. I mean they fucking cheer when this happens. Have you seen when they execute women in stadiums? The crowd goes nuts. Ugh, I wish they were all ejected out of this earth.

      • Amanda Chatel

        People do go there for vacation! If you Google it, it’s gorgeous… not including the bullshit that goes on where the tourists don’t hang out. Disgusting.

    • Cara Crowes

      Barbaric and DISGUSTING. They openly spit on half their people! I don’t even think to myself, Thank God I live in America where my worth isn’t placed on how fresh I am between the legs, I am literally angry for this woman!

    • Heather

      Beyond how horrible and sad this story is, the guy who does the flogging wears a mask? Why are you too afraid to show your face? Maybe because you know this is inhumane and degrading. Disgusting.

    • EKW2188

      Horrifically barbaric. It’s unbelievable that this type of thing still occurs in the 21st century.

    • r88

      This happens in almost all Arabic countries! I do not find this surprising, but it does bother me, and I wish I/we could something about it. Even in my country a sexually active woman can be bullied, disrespected, or sexually harassed. Pick one. I’m so tired of being normal in a world of sexists and hypocrites.

      • MimiShouldBeWorking

        That’s actually not true; there are about 15 Arab countries in the world. This happens in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Maldives. Three of those aren’t Arab countries. You can do the math on whether or not that’s “almost all Arabic countries.”

    • Dee Green

      This kind of thing makes me see red!! First of all she’s a child! Second, what happens to the boys/men in these situations?? I don’t understand…how effed up does a group have to be to think that one person is responsible in a case like this? And if her claims of abuse are true, then it’s possible that this time was another instance of coersion. I so wish I could swoop in like Wonder Woman and rescue every female in these backwards thinking countries.

    • fishies

      Sorry, but that’s not Maldives in the picture.
      Just sayin’.

    • Aishath S

      As a citizen of the country, I can tell you that that picture is not from our country. We’re not even remotely white-looking.

      Also, not everyone agrees with it. We don’t cheer. There are some exist bastards here ruining this place. And some religious people who can’t speak out about it even if they don’t agree with it because they’ll be shunned anyway. And there are NON-religious people who are outright angry and still, it makes no difference, because the government and the religion apparently have to be connected or something.

      All in all, it’s a shithole, because of SOME people. Not everyone.

    • Nooshin W

      I am from the Maldives and a regular reader of The Gloss, and I would like to say that a lot of us are horrified about this decision. Sadly, this is not the first time that a rape victim has been treated like a criminal in our country. We are plagued with a corrupt and uneducated judiciary, the remnant of the 30 year long dictatorship. The recent coup in 2012, which overthrew the first democratically elected government, has meant that we are reverting back to autocracy.

      Thank you Amanda for bringing attention to this story.

      Amnesty International has started a petition demanding this sentence be overturned, and I hope you will all sign it ->

      If you want a more details on this case ->

      Ps. That photo is not from the Maldives. Looks like it is probably from Malaysia.

    • akan

      LOL!! this aint maldives ,,… but yeah.. story might be true . but this picture…and the girl … not 15 … and not Maldives :P