• Sat, Mar 2 2013

Finally, A TV Show That Lasts Forever

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It’s finally happened. After years of disappointment – the hot sauce postal campaign! The Save Our Bluths parties! The Firefly letter-writing! – the real thing, at last. You’ve found a television show that will last forever, just as God and nature intended.

Not for you the paltry consolations of six seasons and a movie; not for you the cold comfort of a web series or a two-season spinoff. Other TV shows have let you down. They’ve ended. The actors have moved on; the key grips have gone and key gripped for other, lesser, shows; the craft services table has folded up and the assistant producers no longer respond to you on Twitter. The cruel hand of time has passed over their visage, and your DVD box sets are the only testament to the glory that was Rome.

But it’s finally happened. You’ve found a television show that will never get cancelled, never go off the air, never lose its romantic lead to a film career. Your impassioned emails to the studio head have really paid off. They’ll be on the air this week, this year, this decade, this lifetime. Forever. Getting into scrapes, saving the world, learning a little, laughing a little, loving a lot. All for you. Forever and ever, world without end.

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  • Lisa(r)

    Two words: Doctor Who.

    • Nikola

      It’s able to have it’s entire cast and crew replaced every five years, which keeps it fresh in the short term. In the long term, it can be cancelled and then rebooted in 15 years or so, with newer technologies and new audiences. Dr. Who…regenerates.

    • Lisa(r)

      Come to think of it, a live action show where nobody ever changes would be suuuper creepy. Though cartoons do that stuff all the time…