• Mon, Mar 4 2013

The Glorious Beauty Effects Of Crying

Cry, cry, cry.

Cry, cry, cry.

Sometimes nothing feels quite as great as completely losing your shit. I don’t mean losing your shit in that you’re having a public breakdown and cursing the world for dealing you a bad hand, all while throwing trash into the air from the dumpster behind your favorite department store. While I’m sure that will give you some sort of satisfaction, I’m talking more along the lines of crying, and the gorgeous release that comes with it.

Crying is really healthy! And good for you! People who don’t cry from time to time are a little weird — unless they don’t have tear ducts and therefore no choice — and one has to figure that in avoiding the occasional tear-fest that person is just a ticking time bomb. What does a ticking time bomb do? Has a breakdown behind their favorite department store with a dumpster’s trash.

In addition to the healthy factor of crying, it actually can have some positive effects on your already lovely face. I’m serious. Some may try to conceal the fact that they’ve been crying thanks to a marathon of rom-coms on a Friday night while jugging the wine directly out of the bottle, but tears are human; being human is beautiful, and crying can do wonders for your look.

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  • Pixie

    Definitely agree on the eyes popping. My hazel/green eyes go super bright green when I cry (which is pretty frequent). I wish I could have crying eyes all the time.

    • Amanda

      My hazel/brown eyes turn bright green when I am crying hard or in a lot of emotional pain. So weird, but it makes me also wish I could have crying eyes all the time!

    • Pixie

      I did find out that mine go bright green when I’m super turned on too. So I guess I have 2 options?

    • Amanda Chatel

      See, ladies!?!? I know my shit sometimes!

    • Amanda

      That’s very interesting… Now I’m curious. I’m gonna tell my boyfriend to look at my eyes next time that happens! Hahah