The Best Ways To Announce Your Breakup For Maximum Attention


Earlier today, Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill‘s breakup was announced. The couple have been engaged since 2010 after meeting on the set of the movie “Goon,” and have been a rather adorable couple for a while now. Despite their generally low-key style of dating so far, it seems that their breakup may be a whole other story. According to Us Weekly, Baruchel tweeted, then deleted, the sentiment, “I won’t be on twitter for awhile gang. Getting dumped rules.” Ouch.

Telling people about the demise of your relationship with somebody is never fun. Nobody’s a fan of having to have newsfeeds of friends say that they “went from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’” while also going through the pain of ending that serious relationship. But while you may be tempted to spout off angry or bitter messages on the Internet regarding your present state of mind when it comes to your love life and your now-ex-partner, it may be for the best to have people find out organically (without the, er, pesticides of Twitter?) in order to avoid awkward comments on your Facebook status involving pity and sad emoticons from your loved ones. I personally believe in removing the relationship status thang altogether because…well, why bother telling people who don’t already know?

That said, if you do like to shout your feelings aloud or you simply must have the attention from every person on your Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress/Tumblr friends lists and all the ones in real life, too, here are some of the most excellent ways you can do so that are far better than a mere tweet.

Note: Some Most of these are things you should probably not do. I am not advocating crimes, ¿me entiendes? But, uh, if you have done one of these things, you had best be sharing some stories.

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