Selena Gomez Vamps For Terry Richardson In Harper’s Bazaar


In the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, former child star Selena Gomez can be seen “growing up her image,” as they say, in a very leggy editorial shot by our old pal Terry Richardson. At best, Uncle Terry’s “mainstream” photos look like perfectly serviceable fashion photography, and at worst, they look super stiff and boring, and both of those styles are showcased here. Things are further complicated by Photoshop abuse in some of the pictures. But Selena Gomez is a lovely young lady, so her cute/sexy/charismatic personality shines through nonetheless. I am even willing to overlook the fact that she claims it’s hard for her to get dates in the accompanying article.

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

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    • Magda Nunez

      I think she is gorgeous, but she does have that odd child girl look that is at odds with the prominent lady humps on her chest… But I suppose my problem with this is that my six year old god daughter still finds her accessible in that “asexual Disney preteen” way, that still makes her open for hero worship, but then she doesn’t understand why she can’t go see the new Selena Gomez movie (spring breakers, or something). But I get it, cause the woman/girl look that Selena Gomez has confuses my brain too.

      And some how I spiraled on a crazy tangent… Selena Gomez = pretty female person of indeterminate age.

    • Fabel

      She looks hip-y here, in a surpringly, good way?

      • Fabel

        Not surprising that it’s good, but surprising because I didn’t think she had that type of body, I mean. I’ll shut up now.

      • Eileen

        Yeah, I always figured she was sort of Taylor-Swift-ish in her figure, but she has some nice hips and thighs!

    • JennyWren

      I think she (her management? Somebody, anyway…) should get props for appearing in pretty much the first Terry Richardson shoot that doesn’t make me feel like it should be covered in brown paper. On the other hand, without the creepy perv-ness, these are pretty dull photos. She is adorable though.